Roe v. Wade Was Just Overturned. Now What?

It is an all-hands-on-deck moment in Michigan and our nation. Today’s opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade should be a siren blaring in the night, waking people up from every corner of the country and motivating them to take action — [...]

Atypical Actress

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1 Put it in your mouth, enjoy
5 What kissers do with spit
9 Ancient erection
14 “___ lay me …”
15 Comedic actor James
16 “Ready ___, here I come!”
17 Foster role
18 Nicky portrayer, in “Funny Girl”
19 Former hotelier Helmsley
20 Start of a self-description by recently out non-binary actress Brigette Lundy-Paine
23 Noel of “Blithe Spirit”
26 Homophobia or gay-bashing
27 Miner concern
28 Make an emotional discharge
31 Seasonal serving
36 More of the self-description
39 One way to have one’s meat
40 Williams of “The Birdcage”
41 “Yoo-__!”
42 Use your butt to demonstrate
43 “Six Feet Under” creator Ball
44 End of the self-description
46 Frida’s wrap
48 Menu option
49 Request to Sajak
50 Michelangelo’s output
52 Circuit parties, for example
54 Character played by Brigette Lundy-Paine on the Netflix series “Atypical”
60 Hayes of “South Park”
61 Roz portrayer on “Frasier”
62 Woolf wrote about one of her own
66 Houston ballplayer
67 Bowie married her
68 Vegas line
69 Erect
70 Diana of “The Avengers”
71 Red-ink figure

1 Anderson Cooper’s network
2 Gardener’s long tool
3 Night stalker
4 Novelist Cather
5 Albert to Armand, in “The Birdcage”
6 Prebirth berth
7 Anti-oxidant berry
8 Stops for pirates
9 Vague chat room boast?
10 Deuce taker
11 Carbon compound
12 “My Life in High Heels” writer Anderson
13 And others, for Nero
21 Novelist Shaw
22 Jessica of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”
23 Phallic shaped creatures
24 Diamond bird
25 Potation location?
29 K-12
30 Vidal’s story lines, e.g.
32 Small corn serving for Gomer?
33 Lane of “Modern Family”
34 Set straight
35 Gay mag and others?
37 Lollobrigida of film
38 New York college
42 One with a holey bottom
44 It made the Titanic go down
45 “Some Enchanted ___”
47 Give money to UPS
51 Jaguar’s prey
53 Flynn with dashing roles
54 “See ya!”
55 The A in GLARP (abbr.)
56 Satisfy and then some
57 Make money
58 Maria’s “Do-___”
59 “Mrs. Doubtfire” attire
63 Rene Auberjonois role
64 Takes too much, for short
65 Papers of D.H. Lawrence, e.g.

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