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HIV-positive millennial Michael "Miss Mikey" Lamb is a contributor to TheBody.com, as well as an author, life coach, and empowerment speaker -- but none of his titles hold greater weight to him than "Cousin Mike." He blogs at www.getchalifewithmike.com._ This column is a project of Plus, Positively Aware, POZ, TheBody.com and Q Syndicate, the LGBT wire service. Visit their websites – http://hivplusmag.com, http://positivelyaware.com, http://poz.com and http://thebody.com – for the latest updates on HIV/AIDS.

Positive Thoughts: I’m an HIV-Positive Gay Man Committed to Racial Justice

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The day the universe decided it wanted to see sugar, spice and everything nice, it was June 10, 1991 – the day I was born. Even as a child, I was always talkative and quite the jokester. Winning "Loudest," "Class Clown," and "Most Likely to Work for The New York Times" my senior year of high school proved not only that I could make anyone laugh, but that my banter always led to greater conversation.