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‘No Right to Consent’: Michigan’s Plan to Control, End HIV Raises Privacy Concerns

Michigan health officials have been quietly rolling out a comprehensive new strategy to control and end the HIV crisis for months. But attorneys, AIDS Service Organization officials and more worry the plans could overstep the privacy rights of people living with or at risk for HIV and drive them away from testing and treatment. That could ultimately result in an increase in cases, rather than a desired decrease.

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When There Were Seven

Come Jan. 1 there will be a new governor, but for now, there are seven competing for the position. And, with all seven people vying to occupy the office sitting on a simple stage in East Lansing May 10, one would expect a clash of ideas and a battle of wills. But, the four GOP and three Democratic candidates answered questions for the Michigan Press Association with relatively few bumps.

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A Hookup Gone Wrong: Michigan’s HIV Criminalization Negatively Affects Michiganders

Jeremy Merithew's life took a turn for the worse when what was intended to be a casual hookup earned him a brush with discrimination and substantial jail time. That's because He was HIV-positive and his hookup, Dwayne Cook claimed Merithew failed to disclose his status before the two engaged in oral and anal sex. That’s a four-year felony in Michigan and has been since 1989.

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The Promise of the Pill

It's blue, and a pill. It's tied to sex, but it's not Viagra. It's Truvada. And although it's been approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as an HIV-preventative -- and [...]

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Forming a Hate Group

When current Harvard School of Public Health Research Associate Raphael Ezekiel was a professor at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, he became curious about the growth of the racist SS Action Group. That curiosity [...]

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Guidance: Not Infectious

For the first time since the HIV epidemic began, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has announced that some people living with the virus can attain a state where they pose [...]

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Farmer’s Market Battle

An employee of Country Mill sells apples and apple products like cider at the East Lansing Farmer's Market Sunday. They returned to the market after winning a federal court injunction. They had been banned from [...]

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White Nationalists Sue MSU

A screen capture of one of Kyle Bristow's former websites featuring Bristow with former Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis. Source: YAFWatch.blogspot.com archives. To left, BTL file photo: Kyle Bristow by Todd Heywood A screen [...]

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White Nationalists Sue MSU

Left, a screen capture of one of Kyle Bristow's former websites featuring Bristow with former Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis. Source: YAFWatch.blogspot.com archives. Kyle Bristow in his student days at MSU. Photo by Todd Heywood [...]

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Kallman Callout: Media Scrutiny

David Kallman sought to intervene in the lawsuit brought by Jackson Together against the City of Jackson on April 7. The lawsuit outlined numerous violations of both the Jackson City Charter and state law related [...]

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Lansing’s Sanctuary City Fight

Facing a backlash from conservatives and a possible legal showdown with President Donald Trump's administration, the city of Lansing has rescinded a resolution declaring itself a sanctuary city. The reversal brings to an end weeks [...]

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Jackson Pride Center Unveiled

Carl Struble (left) who is credited with being the driving force behind the idea of the Jackson Pride Center, uses a regular pair of scissors to cut a ribbon to open the center while Nikki [...]

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Trumping HIV

Despite extraordinary achievements in addressing the 35-year-old HIV crisis in the U.S., the future of billions of dollars in federal support funds for people living with and at risk for the virus could be in [...]

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