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EAST LANSING – Faculty, staff, and alumni of Oakland and Michigan State Universities have the option of opening savings and checking accounts that can stay with them for the rest of their lives at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. Though the credit union has seven offices, with its contact center, online financial services and access to Co-Op Network, a nationwide ATM network of 20,000 machines that Members can use for free– No transaction fee and no surcharge.

MSUFCU is virtually everywhere its members are.

“We do a lot for members who live out of the area and cannot access a branch,” said Vice President of Marketing, Joyce Banish. “When they move, they tend to take us along wherever they might go.”

In addition to convenience, MSUFCU is dedicated to excellent member service, said Banish. With an all-volunteer board of directors and extensive involvement on both the MSU and Oakland campuses, “We know the membership and we know the services that our membership needs.” The commitment to member service extends to MSUFCU’s contact center, which is a phone call away from 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. MSUFCU staffs the center with its own employees, “So they are very knowledgeable and service oriented – that’s why we have so many members that live around or out of state that use us,” said Banish.

Best of all, the extra service saves members money. While MSUFCU is the world’s largest University-based credit union, “…like all credit unions, we have lower fees, lowerloan rates, and higher savings rates,” said Banish.

And, MSUFCU is a full-service financial institution, making it easy to do one-stop shopping for your financial services needs. LGBTs, whether single or partnered, can be assured of meeting a knowledgeable and respectful staff when visiting MSUFCU. “We are a very diverse group because this is a university, and I think diversity is respected at this institution,” Banish said. One member was so impressed with MSUFCU’s ability to take care of his banking needs that he sent them an email – from Oregon, where he currently lives.

“When I moved to Oregon, I opened a bank account locally,” the member’s email says. “I quickly realized I still had all of the services that I needed with MSUFCU through ComputerLine and other remote services. Also, with the Co-Op ATM network, I still had free access to ATM use. There was no need for the local bank when I could do any transaction I needed with you guys at MSUFCU!”

And rather than worrying about making your hours conform to bankers’ hours, with MSUFCU “A branch is only a click away,” said Banish. Michigan State University Federal Credit Union’s main office is located at 600 E. Crescent Rd. in East Lansing. MSUFCU has five other branches in the greater Lansing area and one in Auburn Hills as well. For more information call 517-333-2222 or visit

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