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A new expose on gay porn stars – here!’s gritty and surprisingly poignant “Everything You Wanted to Know About Gay Porn Stars … But Were Afraid to Ask” – digs deeper than some of these guys have gone. But the documentary, which premieres Nov. 7, also asks something of us: To sit through six 30-minute episodes, and one hour-long special – the first couple of which are set almost completely in stark, jail cell-like rooms. The guys are shirtless (which helps keep our focus on them), but when it comes down to it, visually, the low-budget and some times amateurishly shot documentary is like sitting in a lifeless classroom, listening to a trig professor ramble on. Luckily, these guys aren’t talking about the difference between sine and cosine, otherwise I would’ve dozed off; they offer the nitty-gritty goods. And leave nothing out.
What was your first on-screen shoot (no pun intended) like? Why porn? Do you watch yourself? And what was it like to suck on something so big? Director John Roecker (“Live Freaky! Die Freaky!”) takes us on a raw journey, interviewing 16 guys who dish about their porn pseudonyms, how it’s been a self-esteem booster, how they managed to squeeze a 12-incher between their cheeks, and how adult films can be the ultimate revenge.
“I thought about my mother,” says Nick Capra, “what she would do if she found out. I’m like, ‘Gosh, she would have a stroke.’ So I was like, ‘Where do I sign up?'”
Roecker’s documentary mixes humor and pathos successfully; shocking us one minute with a tragic rape incident, and making us laugh with candid on-camera sex scenarios (“(I) sucked dick, ate ass, and got fucked. Oh, and they peed on me”) and when-I-knew stories.
“When did you find out you were gay?” Roecker asks Nick Piston.
Deadpanned, he simply responds: “Corey Hart.”

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