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By Ed Woody

Just Add Water

Yes, they start off around the pool. Again. But this one boasts a different hook–every scene involves one guy voyeuristically observing a scene in progress and jerking off over it, which inevitably leads to some action of his own, which someone else watches and then goes off to their own scene, etc. Quite clever, actually. As usual in Jet Set movies, we have some straighties among the boyz … Nickolay Petrov livens up an already great scene between two big-dicked cuties, Jesse Santana and Jason White. Santana sure does love dick (a good quality in a gay porn star, I’d say) and the scene is a whirlwind of sucking and versatile fucking in constantly changing positions. Less convincing is Jordan Vaughn and TJ Young’s scene on the sun-loungers; there’s some nice muscle-worship touches, but the fucking is way too tame and pre-programmed. But then we finish up with two of the best performers of the year, Tyler Saint and Mason Wyler, who fuck furiously over the kitchen counter. Saint is enormously hung and Wyler can’t resist it, moaning and panting like a bitch on heat with every thrust. Two great scenes, one good scene and one duffer is not a bad average.
(Jet Set,,, 800-999-5530)



If you go down to the woods today, you’ll get screwed, fisted and pissed on. Each scene also contains so many switches and changes and varied things going on that there’s no way you’ll get bored. The first scene, for example, begins with Derek da Silva being hunted by two crazies with paint-guns. He gets caught, hog-tied, choked, punched, pissed on, fucked, and his balls beaten black and blue while hung upside in a vat of water. Elsewhere, Lars Svenson and Rick van Sant (both surprisingly pretty men for being such raging perverts) are chased down by Dirk Jager–they get into some filthy, farty fisting while van Sant hangs from his ankles. Alex Baresi injects his scrotum with saline solution (something that may never have been shown before in a “mainstream” movie) and is fisted by Jager. But not everything is so scary. Those who want something a little less coercive can enjoy hikers Dean Flynn and Francois Sagat, who stop for a gentle, simple and completely consensual fuck in the forest. It’s a chance to catch your breath before the intense finale, in which Sagat gets tied up with a gag, pissed on like he’s in a rainstorm and gangbanged.
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