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By Ed Woody

Tough Stuff

These are real men, not boys, enjoying some real sex where they really mean it, and not just some mechanical in-and-out. These butch fellas are doing construction work on a house, with frequent breaks for stripping and hammering. CJ Knight, who I think is really, really hot, only has to take off his shirt to entice co-worker Kevin Armstrong. Must be those inch-long nipples. He also has, if I may be so bold, a phenomenal ass, and that’s coming from a self-proclaimed bottom, so it must be good. And he totally loves to get screwed, as his rigid dick shows. Kai Grant also takes a hell of a nailing from Vinnie D’Angelo. The director has one great shot he goes back to again and again in more than one scene, of the bottom holding his own ass-cheeks wide while the top plunges relentlessly. It’s a good one. That Francesco D’Macho was once a Milan fashion model who now delights in showing the world how much he loves it up the ass is a wonderful thing, and he and Tyler Saint seem to really enjoy each other. D’Angelo’s back for a closing solo scene, which seems a bit odd and anti-climactic.
(Hot House,, 800-884-4687)

Red Hot Chili Sex

Everybody usually knows what to expect from a Bel Ami film — young and beautiful boys from Eastern Europe who might be a little too well choreographed, and lots of background footage of the boys just hanging out and horsing around. Well, not this time. All the usual staples are there, but with 16 actors and an astonishing 12 scenes, you’ll be utterly exhausted by the end, and in a really good way. The boys head off to the mountains for a ski vacation, and when they get to the chalet, naturally they start pairing off and making out. Watch out especially for bleach-blond Damien Rivkin, who’s much bigger built than most Bel Ami boys; Hans Klee slamming himself down onto Renato Amoroso’s dick so eagerly that Amoroso is the one who can’t take it; Henri Gaudin’s gigantic dick getting deep-throated for probably the first time in his life by Leon Boisen; and Casper Watts jumping at the chance to be gangbanged by six friends. Add fourways, quickie oral scenes, romantic couplings, muscle contests and torrents of sperm flying every which way, and this is just about the hottest Bel Ami film in years, more than living up to its name.
(Bel Ami,

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