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“It will be nice to step into ‘Samantha’s’ skin again, but I’m only doing the film for the money. ‘Samantha’ is very dear to me and I have such a wonderful time playing her. But I can’t say more for the experience than wanting financial security.” – Kim Cattrall reveals what made her finally sign on for a “Sex and the City” reunion movie. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t even think she was asked to be in “Mannequin 2.”}

Since I’m single, I can occasionally be found online looking for love – or something far more temporary. I was recently contacted by a member of who felt we’d be, well, a match. I’ve let my subscription lapse so I couldn’t read his note, but I did check out his profile. It opened with the following line: “I would love to meet a gay man who loves the Lord.” Now, I’m no heathen, but I don’t know what in my profile made this obviously devout dude think we’d be a match. Although, I am a sucker for a guy who spends lots of time on his knees…

You know what’s a stranger match? Lance Bass and a woman! The boychick has revealed that during his boyband days, he and a female friend zipped off to Vegas and got married (it’s since been annulled). Allegedly, it was just to score free drinks – I guess Lance didn’t realize that you can get those if you park your bleached blond ass at the nickel slots!

This must have been a trend because I just read an interview Gay Chicago Magazine did with comedian Megan Cavanagh (currently on Logo’s “Exes and Ohs”). Megan claims that Rosie O’Donnell was once engaged to a man! This was back when the two gals were in “A League Of Their Own.” Megan had just gotten married and Rosie asked how Meg knew he was “the one.” Then Rosie told Megan that she felt the two of them were alike. Darn tootin’. A few years later, Cavanagh divorced her husband and has been with her female lover ever since. As to Rosie’s engagement, we know what a bum deal that was.

BTW, forget about Ro’s imminent return to the airwaves. O’Donnell had been in discussions with MSNBC to launch a talk show to go up against CNN’s Larry King. The “suits” at the network swore Rosie to secrecy, which only made her itchy to talk about it. She did so in Miami, and claims that made the network pull the plug: “My career as a pundit is over b4 it began.” Except that’s not what happened. We’ve learned that Rosie’s financial demands far exceeded what MSNBC was able to pay. That, and the fact that Rosie didn’t want to sign anything longer than a one-year contract, were what caused the deal to go south – which, ironically, are the same reasons why she’s no longer on “The View.”

Ellen DeGeneres is attracting flack for crossing the writer’s picket line. Since Ellen is a daytime show and this is November sweeps, she felt obliged to keeping working while other shows have shut down. Plus, she adds, “I have 135 staff members depending on me for a paycheck every week.” Ellen with no writers? Does this mean more crying about that dog?

One of my best friends is a devotee of “Dancing with the Stars,” and refers to Jane Seymour as “The Old Lady.” All old ladies should look as good as sexy Seymour, but she had some help. After giving birth to twins in 1996, Jane got breast implants – “so small my plastic surgeon had to special order them.” Around the same time, she had an eye lift, but not for herself – she did it so that her agents could stop airbrushing the bags out of her publicity shots. That Jane, she’s a giver.

If you thought you saw me in Chicago last week, you weren’t crazy. I was the crazy one, zipping in from L.A. for a few hours to see “Passion” at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre. This show is a favorite of mine, and I’m always interested in seeing different productions. In this case, the trio of principals came off a bit too young to convincingly take on such adult conflicts. A plausible approach, but ultimately flawed. “Fosca” may be sickly and weak, but Ana Gasteyer never sounded anything less than vibrant and fresh. But I must applaud Adam Brazier – he was the one person in this dysfunctional trio that consistently brought his dramatic intent through in song, making “Giorgio” infinitely more nuanced than I’d previously experienced. OK, he might have looked a bit young for the role, but he’s awfully nice to look at.

The Point Foundation gives out scholarships to LGBT youths who have experienced some sort of hardship because of their sexual orientation. Kids who have been thrown out of their homes or alienated from their family can turn to Point for both financial and emotional support. I’ve championed this organization for a while, and I was thrilled to attend their annual gala, which raised over $265,000. Director Adam Shankman and ABC were honored for providing positive role models for our community. A number of luminaries were on hand, including Michael Urie (who hosted the event), Ana Ortiz, Judith Light, Britney Snow, Emily Deschanel, TR Knight, Marcellas Reynolds, and my darling Jenifer Lewis, who joined with the New Dimensions Choir to sing “I Know Where I’ve Been” from “Hairspray” – which Shankman directed. Here’s a fun fact – Jenifer was the first person to ever sing that song, as she did the original demo and workshops for the musical “Hairspray.”

A few months ago I told you about Michael Biserta, the fireman who appeared in a NYFD calendar and the “Guys Gone Wild” DVD. This scandal prompted the NYFD to cancel future calendars. Firmly grasping his 15 minutes of fame (close to the same amount of inches he sports in the pics on our Web site), Mikey shot his own calendar which is available in a variety of formats – desktop, poster, wall and computer screen saver.

WeHo nightclub Micky’s, which was ravaged by a fire in August and left some of the hottest bartenders in town unemployed. Rather than sit around on their delicious derrieres waiting for the place to re-open (allegedly April 2008), head bartender Jason Beers decided to harness their biggest asset – the boys’ looks. Next thing you know, “The Men of Micky’s” 17-month calendar was born. I met up with the fine fellas at A Different Light Bookstore where they kicked off the venture. A good cause and eye-catching boys – two of my favorite things. Because we’re coming into a season for giving, I’ve volunteered to sell the calendar on So head on over and pick up a stocking stuffer (or two).

Could it be that a certain mystra man is using those high-profile paramours as a smokescreen for some same-sex lovin’? That’s the buzz from people close to the lisping lad, whose abs are certainly no optical illusion. Rumor has it that some of his submissive sleights have aided him in the bedroom, where he specializes in being tied up. Of course, being linked with that well-known beard (with a phenomenal acne problem) isn’t fooling anyone.

When I’m hawking calendars instead of gossip, it’s definitely time to end yet another column. We just have enough time to remind you to check out for the best dish – and calendars – on the web. I didn’t have room for an “Ask Billy” question, but I find time to answer each and every e-mail. Drop a note to [email protected] and I promise to get back to you before someone slips me a mickey (which, judging from the guys in the calendar, might be fun)! Until next time, remember, one man’s filth is another man’s bible.

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