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Bohemian Rhapsody

By |2018-12-19T14:24:16-05:00December 19th, 2018|Entertainment, Puzzles|


1 Erection supporter
6 Like recently cut leaves of grass
10 Janis Ian’s “At Seventeen,” e.g.
15 Owen of “Closer”
16 Fortune-teller’s opening
17 Short story writer and poet Bret
18 Dog-___ (shabby)
19 Cabbage salad
20 Doubleday of balls and strikes
21 Start of what Freddie said to an upset Roger in “Bohemian Rhapsody”
24 Tooth care org.
25 Wine info, for Antoni Porowski
26 Direction from Rick Rodgers
30 You bend them in gay bars
33 Hustler from Minnesota
37 Coin in Lorca’s pocket
39 Golden Girl McClanahan
40 Rent sign
41 More of what Freddie said
44 Lucy’s gal pal
45 Mandela org.
46 Anderson Cooper, to CNN
47 Queens ballpark of old
48 Most queer
50 Pull down
51 Sound like Harvey Fierstein
53 “Swan Lake” step
55 End of what Freddie said
63 Phallic oral pleasure
64 Wings for Julia Morgan
65 “___ Tom” (Langston Hughes poem)
66 Got to second base, perhaps
67 “The King and I” setting
68 H2O threesome
69 To the point
70 Makes costumes, e.g.
71 Chaz and family

1 “Johnny Mnemonic” actor
2 Vanilla
3 Land of Sinead O’Connor
4 Declare firmly
5 Greek sorceress
6 Prayer book, to Father Mychal Judge
7 Capital of Norway
8 Get off the breast
9 Either wife, right after the nuptials
10 Butler’s burden on the Tara stairway
11 Working stiffs
12 James Bond opponent
13 Bit from Michael Musto
14 Suffix with musket
22 Head set?
23 “Thumbs up!”
26 Undercover agents
27 First extra inning
28 “Grease ___ word!”
29 Run-throughs on Broadway
31 Mark on the rear of a steer
32 Cup fraction
34 It comes with a lei
35 Opera guy
36 “Private Parts” author Howard
38 “Shop ___ you drop”
40 Great deal
42 What homophobe Trump got from Access Hollywood, e.g.
43 Glenn Close’s “___ Attraction”
48 Fruit sugar ending
49 Orgasms, e.g.
52 Up ___ (stuck)
54 Young pigeon
55 Sexologist Shere
56 Role for Bela
57 Confession of mendacity
58 Leave marks on the back
59 “Render therefore ___ Caesar…”
60 Bus. major’s study
61 Patron of people in the navy
62 Untouchable head
63 St. Louis clock setting


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