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Thanks for the feature article, “Lambda Car Club revving up for Dream Cruise,” in Between The Lines. The Woodward Dream Cruise is certainly the place to be for “car nuts,” and gay camaraderie makes it all the more fun!
And thanks for the personal profiles and pictures of some of our members. I hope it will help other members of the gay community, who have a passion for cars, to find a place to celebrate automobiles and gay fellowship: the Lambda Car Club.
After an extensive phone interview, during business hours, the only published comment attributed to me was in answer to BTL reporter Chris Azzopardi’s question if we had any women in the club. That only represents a tiny story about the Lambda Car Club.
I covered three areas of our organization in the interview. I discussed how many members work for one of the auto manufacturers or in the supplier community, large and small. I discussed at length about how the Lambda Car Club participates with and supports the rich automotive heritage of the Detroit Metropolitan area; such as the Historic Piquette Avenue Plant, the Henry Ford (village and museum), Walter P. Chrysler Museum, the National Automotive Historical Collection, the Automotive Hall of Fame, the Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance, and the sites along the Motor Cities Heritage Area. And I discussed our participation in the community: the gay community and the City of Detroit. We support the business and cultural institutions in Detroit, and members of the Lambda Car Club are active supporters of Affirmations, Triangle Foundation and the Human Rights Campaign. Several years ago we sponsored a fund-raiser for Affirmations: Chrome Crazy at Doug’s Body Shop.
After all the information I gave about the Lambda Car Club’s participation in the gay community, the automotive community and the Detroit area’s business and cultural community and the only quote from me is, “We’ve tried to make (everyone) feel very welcome.”
I look at what I read in Between The Lines in a new light: in automotive terms, that new light is the yellow light from the center of a traffic signal – proceed with caution!

Bob Andersen, president
Detroit region
Lambda Car Club International

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