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Cat and Mouse Game

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1 Fashion designer Oldham
5 Erotic artist Tom, et al.
10 Where Galileo dropped his balls
14 Silver attachment
15 Shining example
16 What muscle Marys pump
17 Title character portrayer in 41-Across
20 In the manner of a nervous Nellie
21 Movie category of old Hollywood, with “the”
22 Composer Erik
23 Treats meat
24 “Mouse” in the cat and mouse game of 41-Across
28 Rosie’s “The Flintstones” role
32 Halloween cry
33 Spousal nickname
38 Part of San Francisco’s BART
39 “Casablanca” keyboardist
40 Bygone G.M. cars
41 Neil Jordan film with a cat and mouse game
43 Colette’s tea
44 With 55-Across, actress who played “the mouse”
45 Prince William, to Diana
46 Prefix with angle
48 Attorney’s org.
50 Bruin Bobby
51 Bacall of Hollywood
53 Continues to get “Out”
55 See 44-Across
57 Jackie’s designer
59 When prompted
60 What fluffers give
63 “… ___ queer, get used to it!”
64 Defeatist’s words
65 2012 Ben Affleck movie
66 “Not that I loved Caesar ___… ”
67 What a library does
68 Climax time in a Gary Cooper film

1 Boob, to a Brit
2 Where to find a date
3 Area of Tennessee Williams
4 It lessens the bottom line
5 Packing material
6 In a casual way
7 Born, to Bonheur
8 “Ixnay” and “No way”
9 Water channel
10 One who blows it
11 Cara of “Fame”
12 Puts into piles
13 Queen’s “subjects”
18 Enlighten
19 Like a Liberace doll
25 Least enjoyable way to avoid STDs
26 He took on a pair of bears
27 Change one’s opinion
28 What you touch getting to third base?
29 Flamboyant Flynn
30 Romeo and Juliet, for two
31 Decoration for skin
34 “I’m not eating that!”
35 Frigid
36 Ill-bred individuals
37 North Sea feeder
42 Drag queen’s blade
44 Martin Crane’s support
47 Cringe in horror
49 Ranger headgear
52 First indications of orientation
54 Green with a mostly unfabulous social life
56 Big name in footwear
57 Pussycat’s partner
58 “Go Set a Watchman” writer Harper
61 In days past
62 “The Opposite of Sex” director Roos






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