Satan, Satorially

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Across 1 Common connections 5 Go in only partway, at the beach 9 “How queer!” 13 Honeypot lover 14 Anal alternative 15 Etheridge concert series 16 Shirley’s la Douce role 17 ___ Hari 18 Low-voiced [...]

The Frivolist: 6 Changes to Make When Your Stubborn Love Handles Keep On Stickin’

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You work hard at the gym, and it can be frustrating when all that exercise and effort isn’t providing the results you want – like melting away the fat around your midsection. Part of the problem may be that you’ve gotten yourself into a routine that’s no longer working, causing your weight-loss goals to plateau. There are ways to tackle this universal issue, from obvious habit changes to more under-the-radar solutions, like planning an adventure getaway. Take a look.

Hallowcrawl Royal Oak Oct. 19

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Cocktails and costumes collide at Royal Oak's Hallowcrawl: the annual Halloween pub crawl across the city's downtown. Held on Saturday, Oct. 19, from 1 to 6 p.m., tickets start at $20 and include Halloween-themed swag, [...]

TV Quote

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Across 1 Suck air 5 "Frozen" queen 9 Vagina, in slang 13 Penetrating reed 14 Turnpike fee 15 Soothing agent for skin 16 Big top, e.g. 17 Asshole 18 Sonny and Cher's "I Got You [...]

The ICON Detroit Leather Weekend Begins Oct. 18

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The ICON Detroit Leather Weekend is a celebration of leather culture and history in the Detroit community and it’s back for a fifth installment next week. Three nights of events begin on Friday, Oct. 18, at Menjos nightclub for a meet-and-greet. On Saturday the fun continues with the Mr. ICON Detroit Leather 2020 contest at the Marble Bar. The weekend concludes on Sunday afternoon with a pig tea at the Hayloft Saloon.

Planet Ant Celebrates 2nd Annual Live Out Fest for LGBTQ+ Freedom, Identity

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Hamtramck — For the second year in a row, Planet Ant Theatre will recognize National Coming Out Day with the Second Annual Live Out Fest: A Celebration of LGBTQ+ Identity & Freedom. The four-day festival takes place Oct. 10 through 13 across Planet Ant’s performance venues in Hamtramck: The Planet Ant Black Box Theater, Ant Hall and Ghost Light Bar.

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Cynthia Nixon joins cast of 'The Gilded Age' Now that you’ve seen the "Downton Abbey" movie are you ready for the prequel? Because "DA" creator Julian Fellowes is moving to HBO [...]

Mary and Rhoda

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Across 1 Facial application 4 B in Leviticus 8 Mark through 12 Straddling 14 Toledo's lake 15 Big name in pumps 16 Hard to come by 17 "No" voter 18 Trojans' org. 19 With 35-Across, [...]

Drag Queen Game Night

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On Friday, Oct. 11, at the One Night Stans Comedy Club, fans of games and drag queens alike can come together for a night of fun. The event is hosted by Kara Coraci and will [...]

Detroit Halloween Bar Crawl

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From 3 to 11 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26, Detroiters can get in their favorite scary, silly, sexy or downright spooky costumes and join their friends on a bar crawl through Greektown. Early bird pricing [...]

Kaleidoscope of Expression

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Hosted by the Pontiac Creative Arts Center and the Oakland University Gender & Sexuality Center, Kaleidoscope of Expression is a celebration of LGBTQ artistry. LGBTQ artists from across Michigan and beyond have submitted art of [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Jane Lynch and Cyndi Lauper really want a 'Golden Girls' reboot You’ve seen "Shark Tank," so you know what a “pitch” is. No? OK, it’s when you’re a screenwriter and your [...]

Donut Fest Detroit

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Eastern Market Brewing Company is calling all donut fans with samples, beer, coffee and more at Donut Fest Detroit on Sunday, Oct. 6. Find out more about the event online at THe Eastern Market [...]

Rainbow Connection

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  Across 1 Top-drawer 5 Drag queen's shoe 9 "Yeah, sure" in Las Vegas 13 Leia's brother 14 On ___ with (equal to) 15 "You're the Top" songwriter Porter 16 Opposed to, to Gomer 17 [...]

Wine Tastings, Biking and More: Fall Fun in Saugatuck

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The crowds are gone, Oval Beach is free instead of $10, and the weather (and water temperature in Lake Michigan) are still good. You can’t beat a fall weekend in Saugatuck-Douglas in southwest Michigan. It’s the Midwest’s only gay resort area and just a short drive from Chicago, Detroit, and many other cities. You can also fly into nearby Grand Rapids.

The LGBTQ Wedding, Home and Life Expo Brings Together Equality-minded Businesses

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DEARBORN — Since marriage equality became the law of the land in 2015, LGBTQ people have been seeking equality-minded vendors who want to do business with them. Backlash from a minority of companies has put the national spotlight on this issue, driving it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where arguments now rage on the legality of discrimination in providing services like baking cakes and photography.

Remembering Henri

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  Across 1 Embarrass with porn, perhaps 6 "Dancing Queen" band 10 WNBA star Rebecca 14 Nephew of Donald Duck 15 Jacques of song 16 Doctor Zhivago 17 Young girl of old comics 18 Cotton [...]

‘A Life Well Lived’

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At this point in his life, Charles Alexander is a venerable institution in Detroit’s LGBTQ community. A look at the 83-year-old artist and activist's achievements and the significance of his contributions to the community are [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente This is not a drill: There’s a new 'Matrix' movie on the way Neo and Trinity! The red pills that those unpleasant internet dudes keep going on and on about (incorrectly)! [...]

Royal Oak Barktoberfest Sept. 15

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A fall festival for dogs and dog-lovers alike, Barktoberfest also features locally brewed craft beer and music. Happening on Sunday, Sept. 15, the festival encourages attendees to bring their dogs, a friend and enjoy the [...]

070 Shake at El Club

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Danielle Balbuena is a singer and rapper who is best-known by fans as 070 Shake. A part of the musical collective 070, Balbuena contributed to the mixtape "The 070 Project: Chapter 1" and has since [...]