Deep Inside Hollywood

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  By Romeo San Vicente Josie Totah joins 'Saved By The Bell' reboot Now this is news we like: Josie Totah, who gets our vote for funniest, most effervescent young actor, transgender or otherwise (though [...]

The Not-So-‘Unsung’ Life of Stephanie Mills

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Few artists can claim a career so storied as singer Stephanie Mills. Although she doesn’t claim the label, Mills is by all accounts an rhythm and blues legend. Her career has taken the Brooklyn-based artist from a role as the original Dorothy in the Broadway production of "The Wiz," to a whopping five No. 1 R&B hits between 1986 and 1989 like "Home," "I Feel Good All Over" and "I have Learned to Respect the Power of Love."

Deep Inside Hollywood

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  By Romeo San Vicente Jake Gyllenhaal invites you to the 'Fun Home' This is not a drill: "Fun Home" is going to be a movie. The autobiographical, bittersweet musical about a young lesbian’s coming-of-age [...]

Jax Anderson at El Club Feb. 8

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Previously known as Flint Eastwood, Jax Anderson is a Detroit-based alt-pop artist who has built up an international fanbase championing "authenticity in a world filled with fake news" and empathy. Famous for hits like "Queen," [...]

Life in the Dollyverse

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Dolly was there, almost, holding court despite her lack of humanness, as queer writers on assignment huddled giddily in front of her, awe-stricken by the realness of a fake Dolly.  I stood, out of body, [...]

Original Cyndi

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  Across 1 Bushy do 5 Just right 9 "Desperate Housewives," and others 14 Navratilova, for one 15 "That smarts!" 16 Belief statement at Metropolitan Community Church 17 Menu option 18 Load of money 19 [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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Alan Ball. Photo: KathClick By Romeo San Vicente The Go-Go’s documentary of your dreams is here The Go-Go’s were among the first punk rockers in Los Angeles, but when the time came to [...]

Atypical Actress

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Across 1 Put it in your mouth, enjoy 5 What kissers do with spit 9 Ancient erection 14 "___ lay me ..." 15 Comedic actor James 16 "Ready ___, here I come!" 17 Foster role [...]

Taylor Mac to Deck the Halls With ‘Holiday Sauce’

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The shopping, the decorating, the worshipping, the mandatory small talk – the holidays can already be a time of great stress. Adding a queer identity into the mix can often complicate things further. Still, as tricky as navigating the upcoming special days can be for those who are LGBTQ, the stress doesn't have to spell disaster. At least Taylor Mac certainly doesn't think so.

Deep Inside Hollywood

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  By Romeo San Vicente Colin Farrell travels 'The North Water' Andrew Haigh ("Weekend," "45 Years") is busy working on a new limited series, "The North Water." Haigh adapted the novel by Ian McGuire and [...]

Giant Actor

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Across 1 Traci Des Jardins, for one 5 Prodded, with "on" 10 Result of four balls 14 What "let" means to Mauresmo 15 Hit the road 16 "Lord of the Rings" singer 17 Hurler Hershiser [...]

He Does a Lot

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Across 1 Shirley MacLaine's la Douce role 5 Rabble, for short 9 Bad bottom-line news 13 Cleans, as a pirate ship deck 15 NCAA home of the Bruins 16 Baseball great Hershiser 17 Home of [...]

‘Golden Girls Christmas’ a Fun Holiday Hit

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Unauthorized drag parodies of "The Golden Girls" have become something of a boom market in recent years. Right now, various versions are in production in major cities across the country and even Off-Broadway. Metro Detroit’s own version, "A Very Drag Golden Girls Christmas," is at The Ringwald in Ferndale through Dec. 16.