LGBT Slogans

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  Across 1 Clay Aiken and others 6 "Dancing Queen" band 10 Adam and Steve's locale? 14 Oscar winner Marisa 15 Vibrator measure 16 Winged goddess 17 "Ready ___, here I come!" 18 Piece of [...]

Politics, Touring and Drag: Lady Bunny Bares it All

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Known as the queen of New York nightlife and, indeed, at one time one of Michael Alig’s infamous Club Kids, Lady Bunny is a legend in pop culture and drag circles alike. Now, Bunny is taking her diva chops to Detroit when she visits Motown as part of "A Drag Queen Christmas," the latest "RuPaul’s Drag Race"-related tour put together by Detroit’s own super event producers Murray & Peter.

Screen Queen: The Johns

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  Polyester  John Waters staged a live chicken decapitation for his 1969 debut feature "Mondo Trasho." In the following year’s "Multiple Maniacs," he made anal sex with rosary beads a thing. And in "Pink Flamingos," [...]

7th Annual Flint Print Fair Nov. 23-24 at FIA

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In 2007, the FIA created the Flint Print Club with the mission to develop connoisseurship among its members and educate the general public about prints, printmaking and print collecting. Today, that mission lives on with the 7th semi-annual Flint Print Fair happening on Saturday, Nov. 23 through 24. Because the club is restricted to 100 members, the edition of each featured print is limited, signed and numbered.

Thanksgiving Event Highlight Calendar

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Spending Thanksgiving together with friends and family is what the holiday is all about, and we often fall into the same tradition of celebrating at home. If you're looking for a way to change up the way the holiday is done in your family this year, check out these events around Metro Detroit going on and around this Nov. 28.

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Jodie Foster fights for 'Prisoner 760' Jodie’s back, fighting for justice. She’s part of the cast of "Prisoner 760," playing a lawyer defending a man who was detained at Guantanamo Bay [...]

Friends of Jessica Jones

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Across 1 Easy putt for Patty Sheehan 6 Bunch of stallions 10 Mary's pet 14 Best possible 15 1847 Melville travel book 16 Steinbeck migrant 17 With 18-Across, first Black lesbian superhero on TV 18 [...]

Mistress of Evil

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Across 1 Sissy 5 Shoot off a larger branch 10 They may come from Uranus 14 Anti-oxidant berry 15 Model's asset 16 Request from bended knee 17 Woody valley 18 Beatles manager Brian's nickname 19 [...]

Hello Dolly at Fisher Theatre

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From Tuesday, Nov. 19, through Sunday, Dec. 1, The Fisher Theatre will present the quadruple Tony Award-winner "Hello, Dolly!" NPR has called it "the best show of the year" and it broke box office records [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente 'Mrs. Doubtfire' comes to Broadway in 2020 Someone, somewhere, is keeping count of all the movies turned into Broadway musicals. We aren’t, obviously, though we {ITAL see} what’s going on, and [...]


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A rap collective originally hailing from San Marco, Texas, Brockhampton has been described by Complex magazine as "gay, black, white, DIY, ambitious, all-inclusive, and would-be pop stars." The group has gotten recognition its work, notably [...]

The Last TV Show

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  Across 1 _The Primrose ___ _ (Ginger Rogers flick) 5 Chem. pollutant 8 Oral attention getter 12 Blade brand 13 Give a good beating to 15 "Like ___ not" 16 "Jabberwocky" starter 17 Complex, [...]

Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente Billy Porter joins Camila Cabello for new "Cinderella" If this bit of news were a ballroom walk-off, the category would probably be “Fairy Godmother Realness,” and Billy Porter would take home [...]

Satan, Satorially

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Across 1 Common connections 5 Go in only partway, at the beach 9 “How queer!” 13 Honeypot lover 14 Anal alternative 15 Etheridge concert series 16 Shirley’s la Douce role 17 ___ Hari 18 Low-voiced [...]

The Frivolist: 6 Changes to Make When Your Stubborn Love Handles Keep On Stickin’

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You work hard at the gym, and it can be frustrating when all that exercise and effort isn’t providing the results you want – like melting away the fat around your midsection. Part of the problem may be that you’ve gotten yourself into a routine that’s no longer working, causing your weight-loss goals to plateau. There are ways to tackle this universal issue, from obvious habit changes to more under-the-radar solutions, like planning an adventure getaway. Take a look.

Hallowcrawl Royal Oak Oct. 19

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Cocktails and costumes collide at Royal Oak's Hallowcrawl: the annual Halloween pub crawl across the city's downtown. Held on Saturday, Oct. 19, from 1 to 6 p.m., tickets start at $20 and include Halloween-themed swag, [...]