Comparing Tongues

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Across 1 Sound like a spinning top 5 Taye, the "Black Clark Gable" 10 Obscene four-letter word 14 Frequent online claim 15 ___ Gay 16 Field of study 17 Starting from 18 Cutter of leaves [...]

5 Queer Things You Can Do Right Now

By |2021-05-05T18:22:24-04:00April 30th, 2021|Events|

The pandemic has either delayed or entirely canceled most events across the state, but right now you can still take in an art exhibit or two. You could go on an interactive mystery adventure with [...]

Teen Angst

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Across 1 One of the Three Bears 5 Puts it to 9 Peters out 13 “East of Eden” brother 14 Warm to a come-on 15 Kind of stimulation 16 Go on and on 17 Georgia [...]

Agnes of ‘WandaVision’

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Across  1 Poet Gidlow  5 "Sodomy" musical  9 Heroic tales 14 Anderson Cooper's area 15 “All ___ “ (1984 Tomlin film) 16 Almost ready for the tooth fairy 17 Hopeless cases for Dr. Torres 18 [...]

Fostering Age Reversal

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Across 1 Six feet under 5 Beginning of “Wicked” 9 Foster 14 Art Deco name 15 “Brothers & Sisters” matriarch 16 Ketchup catcher 17 Palindromic time 18 Like a muscle Mary's waist 19 George of [...]

Layshia on Top Surgery

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Across 1 What's in the stallion's mouth 5 Chiwetel Ejiofor's “Kinky ___” 10 IML winner's accessory 14 “M. Butterfly” star John 15 Dana of “MacGyver” 16 Heterogeneous mixture 17 With 37-Across, Layshia Clarendon's comment on [...]

Dynamic Ceramic

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Across 1 Bas reliefs of Lincoln 6 Verdi slave girl 10 “Macbeth” segments 14 Words before once 15 Barneys, e.g. 17 Cobblers put the tongue here 18 Start of a quote by ceramic artist Colin [...]