BTL Presents The 8th Annual Ultimate LGBT Wedding & Anniversary Expo, March 11, 12-4 p.m. RSVP Now Offers Enhanced Wedding Planning Experience

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Over the last seven years, the Ultimate LGBT+ Wedding & Anniversary Expo has grown exponentially, allowing us to offer a one-stop shopping experience where you and your entire wedding party can walk along aisles and aisles of the area’s best wedding products and services in one convenient location.

Be Mine…You, Too

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The other morning I was standing in the checkout lane behind a man who was buying two Valentine's Day cards, each curiously turned faced down. The checkout clerk proclaimed "What a gentleman!" Jokingly, I added [...]

10 Valentine’s Day Events

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1.) Chippendales — Interested in spicing up your evening? Join the audience for the Chippendales' 2018: About Last Night Tour. Seen by more than 2 million people annually, the exotic dance show is the perfect [...]

Dancing Harder

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'Porn to Be a Star' Play Coming to Menjos in Detroit "Get ready to get Harder!" That’s the slogan for Chris Harder’s play, "Porn to Be a Star," directed by Obie Award-winning performer and playwright [...]

Does God Love Gays?

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Being LGBTQ in Christian America By JONATHAN W. THURSTON Being gay and being Christian are often considered two very separate things. After all, the Westboro Baptist Church’s motto is “God Hates Fags,” and many gay [...]

Worship Guide: Holiday Services

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  Sunday, Dec. 10 A Modern Day Christmas Story, immediately following Sunday Service, 11:30 a.m. 240 Chalfonte, Grosse Pointe Farms 888-770-1322 Friday, Dec. 15 Congregation Shir Tikvah Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg Annual Latke Dinner and [...]

World AIDS Day Event Calendar

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Friday, Dec. 1 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Free condoms, education and referral to PrEP and assistance for those living with HIV who need help getting back into care. Kent County Health Department Personal Health [...]

Looming Outbreak

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Federal and state health officials have quietly been preparing for an opioid related outbreak of HIV in northern lower Michigan, but lawmakers and the governor have not been briefed. "In response to the HIV outbreak [...]

The Promise of the Pill

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It's blue, and a pill. It's tied to sex, but it's not Viagra. It's Truvada. And although it's been approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as an HIV-preventative -- and [...]

State of Michigan PrEP Directory

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Calhoun County Dr. Andrew Luciano Family Physician Marshall Medical Associates 1174 W. Michigan Ave Marshall, MI 49068 269-781-9867 Clare County Dr. Peter Gulick, Infectious Disease Central Michigan Community Health Dept. 815 N Clare Ave [...]


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Early Intervention Services (EIS) -- an intervention designed to assist those newly diagnosed as HIV-positive access medical care and programs to address a variety of social issues including substance abuse, homelessness and underinsurance. The program [...]

Affirmative Living

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BY JONATHAN W. THURSTON In the spirit of the holiday season, it's important to think about ways to give back to the community, and helping local non-profits is often a great way to do that. [...]

Prideful Pet Products

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BY BTL STAFF For pet-owners looking for LGBTQ-related pet products, Queerdeer Media has compiled a list of some of their favorite pet swag in the hopes of inspiring you and your pets to show your [...]

Dog Training from the Inside Out

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BY CJ BENTLEY Lead Trainer at Canine College in Farmington Hills, Debbi Boynton, with Monkey, a 4 1/2-month-old mix breed dog who is currently participating in the Puppy Development Program. photo: S2_PET_CanineCollege_2538.jpg If you [...]

Keeping Your Dog’s Headspace Healthy

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BY AMY GARABEDIAN September is Responsible Dog Ownership month. If you were to sign the AKC's responsible dog owner pet promise, one of the tenets you'd agree to would be this: I will ensure that [...]