Spring Has Sprung with Upcoming Pet Events

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COMPILED BY SHELBY CLARK PETKUS The Detroit Zoo hosts this semi-annual event in partnership with the Michigan Humane Society. Since the event's inception in 1993, more than 21,000 dogs, cats and rabbits have been placed [...]

Managing Pet Caregiver Fatigue

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BY AJ TRAGER Despite the difficult nature of her job, Dr. Courtney Graham says that this is the least burnt out shes been since working in veterinary medicine. Its not easy, but it is rewarding [...]

Carpe Diem: Saving Chase

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BY AJ TRAGER Andrea Pociask and her partner Amber Wickett are proud parents to Chase, a white mastiff/pit bull terrier mix with subaortic stenosis, a terminal genetic heart condition that affects the left side of [...]

U.S. Air Force Retirees Finally Tie The Knot

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BY AJ TRAGER Photo: S2_WeddingStoryBartawayWilliams_2338 Caption: Vanessa Williams and Rebecca Bartaway tie the knot July 7 before their friend Charlene. Rev. Deb Dysert officiated the ceremony at Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit. DETROIT - Marriages [...]

Nonprofit Group Links LGBT, Vegan Activism

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BY BTL STAFF Mariann Sullivan and Jasmin Singer. Photo by Derek Goodwin. In a new short film from the multimedia nonprofit Our Hen House (http://www.ourhenhouse.org) - whose mission is to change the world for [...]

Wedding Announcements

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Photo: S2M10_BugajskiEster_Announcement_2338_Marriage.jpg Caption: Mark Bugajski and his partner, Chuck Ester of Dearborn Heights, finally tied the knot July 18 on the sky deck at Affirmations after spending 18 years together. The ceremony was conducted by [...]

Redefining Home: The Fur Baby Boom

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By Jim Lessenberry A year before I was born in 1955, a television classic debuted. Lassie, a rough coat Collie, was a rural superhero. "Lassie," the television program, is pragmatically summed up by June Lockhart, [...]

Dogs (And Friends) In Drag

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Compiled By Shelby Clark Petkus Fashion isn't just for humans anymore. BTL readers submitted pictures of their own little models, all decked out in [...]

Pick Up A Furry Friend This Weekend

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By BTL Staff The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) and the Detroit Zoological Society are hosting their fall 2014 "Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo" event this weekend. The adoption event has placed over 20,000 [...]

Memoir Chronicles Gay Writer’s Journey With Dog

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By Shelby Clark Petkus Openly gay author Benoit Denizet-Lewis brings his observational writing to the world of pets with his recently published memoir, "Travels With Casey." "Travels With Casey" by Benoit Denizet-Lewis Denizet-Lewis begins his [...]

Fall Festivities For Furry Friends

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Compiled By Shelby Clark Petkus Sept. 18-30 Wellness Clinic Presenting Organization: Tail Wagger's 1990 Tail Wagger's 1990 Wellness Center, 28402 Five Mile Road, Livonia http://www.tailwaggers1990.org Various times. New center offers spaying, neutering and more. Sept. [...]

International Victories For Animals In 2013

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Animal Defenders International (ADI), based in California, is celebrating a number of successes for animals throughout 2013. 1. Colombia bans wild animals in circuses. In June, some six years after ADI launched its damning undercover [...]

WAGS Program In Need Of Support

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Jihannh Jones knows the comfort that having a pet can bring. After a long day of work helping service clients at the Michigan AIDS Coalition, Jones goes home to his adorable Shih-Poo named Buddy. "Sometimes [...]

Yellow Means Doggies Need Space

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Illustrated by Lili Chin. www.Doggiedrawings.net Some dogs need their space. Whether it's because they are recovering from an injury, still in the stages of being trained, or simply not that social, some dogs are [...]

Dress Up Your Dog Day

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National Dress Up Your Pet Day is Jan. 14, 2014. The day was founded in 2009 by celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Paige and sponsored by the Animal Miracle Foundation as a [...]

Autumn LineUp of Great Pet Events

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Don't let your fitness go to the wayside as the weather gets cooler! Support both your health and that of your canine companions with a host of fitness related "pet" events coming up this autumn. [...]

Critters In Couture

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Our canine companions are taking over the world of fashion. Stylish clothes, creative costumes, functional travel gear and accessories are flying off retailer shelves helping pet owners to keep their furry friends in fashion throughout [...]

Meet Your Best Friend At The Zoo

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ROYAL OAK - Looking for a four-legged best friend? The Michigan Humane Society and Detroit Zoological Society invite you to Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo on Sept. 20 from 1 p.m. to 7 [...]

Lasers Zap Pets Pain, Disease

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FERNDALE - When our pets suffer from medical problems, we try to find inexpensive, painless and natural ways to help them heal rather than simply mask symptoms as is often the case with conventional medications. [...]

Pet Calendar

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Humane Society of South Central Michigan Benefit Aug. 25 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration fee: $25 (269) 963-1796 or [email protected] Featured events: Dog walk (registration begins at 9 a.m.), vendor booths, dog fashion show [...]

Dog Parks in Michigan

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Dogs parks can provide our canine friends with hours of excercise, friendship, play and pure fun. Here are some of the local dog parks: Behnke Memorial 300 N. Groesbeck Hwy. in Mt. Clemens http://www.cityofmountclemens.com/parks.htm Cherry [...]