Nessel Faces Tough AG Race

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The contours of the race to replace Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette are starting to clarify. On the Democratic side, openly lesbian attorney Dana Nessel is the nominee, and on the GOP side it's Michigan Speaker of the House Tom Leonard. However, one blurred line remains: independent Chris Graveline.

Michigan Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination

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As BTL continues the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination series, we hear from Southfield Mayor Kenson Siver who pledged his oath as the first openly-gay mayor in the city of Southfield on Nov. 16, 2015. Despite running a campaign distracted and disrupted by people writing "fag," "rapist," "sodomite," and "racist" on his campaign signs, Siver said at the time, "it is a testament to the people of this city that they saw through the hatred, bigotry, homophobia and dirty tricks and elected their first gay mayor."

Michigan Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination Series

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As BTL continues the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination series, we hear from Highland Park Mayor Hubert Yopp who was sworn in on Jan. 1, 2016 for a second non-consecutive four-year term. Yopp has a varied background of experience with over 40 years in the operation and administration of local government, serving in various positions in Highland Park, including Highland Park Police and Fire Manager for 31 years and Highland Park City Council for four years.

Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan Hopes to Make 2018 Ballot

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CHARLEVOIX, Mich. — The Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan, a statewide ballot initiative campaign, announced on May 16, that it has now collected beyond the required minimum number of signatures, 252,523, and is collecting a "cushion" it hopes will be in time for the November 2018 ballot. Campaign director LuAnne Kozma said "It's now up to the new volunteers and dedicated volunteers that have been with the campaign for a long time to collect a healthy 'cushion' of extra signatures. It's not too late to join the campaign."

Q&A with Mayor Mike Duggan

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As BTL continues the Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination series, we hear from Mike Duggan, who was elected Mayor of the City of Detroit on Nov. 5, 2013, and re-elected to a second term on Nov. 7, 2017. Duggan, born in Detroit, has spent his entire career working in the city to solve some of the most complex issues facing Detroiters, including crime, blight and access to jobs.

Garnet Lewis: Trailblazer

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“Honesty. Integrity. A Voice for You” When Between The Lines caught up with Garnet Lewis, Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 26th State Senate District, she had just finished a campaign-related breakfast meeting at the Blue [...]

When There Were Seven

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Come Jan. 1 there will be a new governor, but for now, there are seven competing for the position. And, with all seven people vying to occupy the office sitting on a simple stage in East Lansing May 10, one would expect a clash of ideas and a battle of wills. But, the four GOP and three Democratic candidates answered questions for the Michigan Press Association with relatively few bumps.

Michigan State Senate Candidate Jeremy Moss calls February ‘Bad Month’ for LGBTQ Michiganders

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February hasn't even ended, but anti-LGBTQ actions this month have prompted State Rep. Jeremy Moss (D-Southfield) to dub it "bad" for LGBTQ Michiganders. Moss is referring first to the appointment of Bishop Ira Combs Jr. of Jackson to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. The Commission has eight members appointed by the governor who investigate civil rights complaints and recommend new laws to him.

Tim Sneller: Changing Tides

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When supporting candidates for political offices, experience is usually a major factor in the decision-making process. Tim Sneller is a Democrat from Flint running for the State House, District 50, and experience is something he has plenty of.