After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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Circular Thinking

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1 Greek triangle
6 NG: Hotel in “Bobby”
16 Farewell to fifty million Frenchmen
17 Problem for a fluffer?
18 NG: Center
19 Cries over spilt milk, so to speak
20 NG: Trattoria topping
21 Just out
22 The whole shebang
23 Went down, on the beach
25 NG: Part of RSVP
26 NG: Writer’s deg.
29 NG: Reef buildup
31 NG: Brainiac
33 NG: “Atlas Shrugged” author Rand
34 NG: Newsman Greeley
37 They may be split
38 Locale of the event that appears in the circles
42 Get in the sack
43 NG: Lisa’s “Friends” role
44 “Beauty and the Beast” film frame
45 NG: Service volunteer
48 NG: Plumed bird
50 Tchaikovsky’s fifth
51 Big load
52 Uninvited pool guests?
54 NG: Rep. foe
55 Carnaval locale
56 Peter the Great, and more
60 NG: Some telescopes
64 Master’s demand for oral sex
65 NG: “La Dolce Vita” actress
66 Tickle pink
67 Rural holdings
68 Hardtop


1 Showing excitement
2 NG: Falco of “Nurse Jackie”
3 Jar tops
4 It takes testees to do his job
5 NG: Austrian expressway
6 How two hearts may beat
7 NG: Used a U-Haul
8 NG: Suds
9 NG: Atmospheric prefix
10 NG: Muscle problem
11 South Beach souvenirs
12 NG: Asian inland sea
13 “The Times of Harvey Milk,” for short
14 NG: Morsel for a mare
15 ACLU concerns
24 Pleasure orally
25 NG: Holey utensil
26 One ready to shoot off a gun, e.g.
27 NG: Act guilty, perhaps
28 Gay porn director Rainier
29 NG: He loved Roxane
30 “At Swim, Two Boys” writer Jamie
31 Rubber stamp
32 NG: Business card no.
33 Endora portrayer
35 What fruits do while preparing to get plucked
36 BenGay target
39 Giant ball-handler Manning
40 NG: Panhandler’s confession?
41 Will subjects
46 Big pieces of meat
47 NG: Alley prowler
49 NG: Used car transaction
52 “Will & Grace” first did this in 1998
53 Goes down in defeat
54 Beat the skins
55 Caesar’s city
57 NG: Slightly
58 ___ Mae Brown
59 NG: Tommy’s gun
60 NG: British flyers
61 Old Spanish queen
62 NG: Pro
63 Fashion accessory for a butch lesbian

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