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City of Eastpointe Enacts Stricter Animal Welfare Rules

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In recent months the city of Eastpointe has made waves across the state with its unique revisions to its animal ordinance. Aimed at keeping both animals and owners in the city safer, Animal Control officers are cracking down on the length of time dogs can left outside, how dogs are tethered, the number of dogs per household and more. In a Facebook post last month they said that the changes are geared toward stopping cases like Penelope’s — a 3-year-old emaciated and overbred mastiff who was found wandering the city’s streets.
“She is now safe, and receiving the veterinary care that has been desperately needed. It is not likely that this dog has been missing, this is a dog that has been used and neglected,” the post said. “I will express this one more time, we as a community are better than this. This is what our new animal ordinances will help us stop from happening. This is an example of what will NO (sic) longer be tolerated or accepted in the city of Eastpointe. If you see something, say something. If anyone has any information regarding who the owners of this girl are, please contact ACO Pylar, (586) 445-5100 ext. 1035.”
Today, nearly a month after being found, Penelope has gained more than 40 pounds and become healthier. The search for her former owners continues. Listed below are some of the changes:

– Housing or leaving a dog of any breed or size unattended outside from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. is unlawful. Housing a dog inside a garage or shed is banned, as well.

– It is unlawful to leave dogs of any breed or size outside when the Michigan Weather Advisory predicts a temperature drop below 43 degrees or rise above 82 degrees.

– Households may now have up to three dogs without a kennel permit.

– It is unlawful to tether a dog with a chain.

– It is unlawful to have more than one dog that is not spayed or neutered. Owners of two dogs of the opposite sex must have at least one of them spayed or neutered by 1 year of age to prevent breeding.

Andy Seltz is the vice president of field services for the Michigan Humane Society. He said in a Detroit Free Press article that the City of Eastpointe has “enacted some of the most progressive animal ordinances in the state of Michigan.”
“These ordinances will not only improve the quality of life for the animals that call Eastpointe home, but also result in a more humane community overall,” Seltz said. “We’re very excited to see if the momentum of these ordinances passing will carry over into other communities in Michigan and help all of us create a safe haven for the animals we share our lives with.”
Click this link to read all of the city’s animal ordinances:

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