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Corktown LGBTQ Health Center Shy of $10,000 Pride Month Fundraising Goal

By |2020-06-29T12:50:17-04:00June 29th, 2020|Michigan, News|

As many in the LGBTQ community have realized, seeking out affirming health care can be a challenge. One organization that has been trying to remove that unnecessary obstacle is Detroit’s Corktown Health Center, which focuses on LGBTQ-inclusive services for anyone in need. But, similarly to all health care organizations around the world over the last several months, it’s clear that the novel coronavirus has impacted Corktown’s regular operations.

“We weren’t able to have our Spring fundraiser, it was scheduled to be in May, so we had a couple of generous donors that did a matching [event] for us,” said Corktown’s Chief Development Officer Patrick Yankee. “We’re almost there.”

In fact, just $2,600 short of a $10,000 goal that, if reached by midnight on June 30, will be matched by friends and donors of the nonprofit to provide services like therapy, telehealth, primary care, food assistance and more.

“It was something we really felt strongly to put together and to put action to it,” Yankee said. “It will end at midnight tomorrow; we’re going to take it all the way to the end to try and reach our goal.”

To learn more about Corktown Health Center and how to donate visit this link.

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