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Crazy For Her

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Think you’re the biggest Madonna fan? You haven’t met Daniel Lawing, Darrick Giguere or Devin Jones.
For them – and countless other gays – Madonna’s long-awaited homecoming at Ford Field will be one heckuva holiday. Daniel, a former Michigander who’s returning home to catch the show, is far from being like a virgin when it comes to the homegrown queer icon; he’s forked over a whopping $14,000 total to see her during 17 concerts. Darrick of Berkley is riding to her first Michigan gig since 2001 in a 22-seater Pink Hummer limo. And Devin, who lives in Washington, Mich., would do a double back-handspring in front of the diva if it meant scoring free tickets to the show. They like Madonna – but too much? When it comes to Madge, is that even possible? You decide.

Say you could win Madonna tickets by doing something extraordinary – with her being the judge – what would you do?
Daniel: I’m thinking the masturbation scene that she did on the bed for ‘Like a Virgin’ (tour) would win her vote – only I would be flanked on both sides by most of her ex-flames. That’s right – Sean, Dennis, Vanilla, Warren, Guy and I singing ‘touched for the very first time’ on a revolving, heart-shaped, velvet-adorned California King. No Sandra.
Darrick: (I’d design) sets and costumes for a tour for her. The designs would be totally radical, shocking and something theatrical – new and unseen.
Devin: I would do my best double back-handspring solely because mine is the greatest.

You’re in a yoga class with Madonna – what do you say to her during the first session?
Daniel: ‘Omigawd! I didn’t know you were in this class! Madonna, I love you so much that when we start contorting our bodies, if you happen to accidentally pass gas, I will say it was me. Seriously, I’d do that for you, Madge.’
Darrick: As much as I would love to fall to my knees and thank her for the 25 years of music, art, controversy and inspiration she has brought to my much-hurdled life, I would have to keep it cool.
Devin: ‘So how’d you make it through the wilderness?’

You’re at a karaoke bar and you’ve only got time for one song: Which Madonna one do you choose and why?
Daniel: ‘Like A Prayer.’ It remains one of my favorite songs of all time, largely because it got me through some of the toughest times in my life. I hear that song and it immediately reminds me that no matter how dire the circumstances, there is always hope.
Darrick: ‘Vogue,’ as this was the song and video that was out at the time I first went to the dance clubs. I was a ‘voger. ‘And still am.
Devin: Easy. ‘Mer Girl’ from 1998’s ‘Ray of Light’ album. It’s Madonna at her most expressive, poetic self.

What’s the most unique Madonna-related item you own?
Daniel: An autographed bottle of suntan lotion from a charity auction, signed ‘Love, Madonna.’ I paid a small fortune, but the proceeds went to cancer research and it is truly one-of-a-kind. If my retirement savings runs out by the time I am 80, then I will look past my devotion, and sell that damn lotion!
Darrick: All my bootleg concerts on DVD. My aunt has a church yearbook with family photos of her family and the Ciccones from the early ’70s. I’d love to get that someday.
Devin: A sparkly-red cone boob bra I got from a friend as a gift last year. I haven’t worn it yet.

‘Sticky & Sweet Tour’
7:30 p.m. Nov. 18
Ford Field, Detroit

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