Creep of the Week: Gary Glenn of the American FAmily Association of Michigan

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Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan

A long-time foe of the LGBT community, anti-gay activist Gary Glenn, head of the American Family Association of Michigan, is yet again attacking gay and lesbian families in the wake of Proposal 2’s passage. (See full story her EMU benefits story) After swearing up and down that Proposal 2 was only about marriage, Glenn and Proposal 2’s other proponents have set their sights on domestic partner benefits.
Wanting to take DP benefits away from families is a low-down, dirty move, but that’s exactly what Glenn wants to do – this time at Eastern Michigan University. In a Feb. 23 release, Glenn claimed that EMU was violating the state constitution by offering discounted undergrad tuition to employees’ domestic partners. Of course, Glenn’s characterization of the plan as a “half-off tuition break for students involved in homosexual relationships with university employees” seemed to suggest that any student sleeping with a teacher would get a tuition break, which is not the case. The benefit is for the long-term, loving, committed couples that Glenn wants so badly to see the state discriminate against.
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