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With so much bad news for the GOP dominating the media so close to a pivotal election, George W. Bush must see the New Jersey Supreme Court’s marriage ruling as a welcome political fig leaf to cover his ass, as well as the asses who currently hold the reigns in his party.
But will the specter of “gay marriage” rally the religious conservatives to the aid of a fledging Republican party?
Bush sure hopes so. He’s been going out of his way since the Oct. 25 ruling to remind voters that he wants to “protect” marriage from queers. Never mind that he can’t protect U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor does he seem able to protect the U.S. from nuke-toting countries like Iran and North Korea. Bush may be breeding terrorists overseas with his disastrous foreign policy, but at least he won’t let two guys tie the knot.
On Oct. 26, Bush blasted “activist judges” during a stump speech at a fundraiser for Republican House candidate Jeff Lamberti.
“Yesterday in New Jersey, we had another activist court issue a ruling that raises doubts about the institution of marriage,” said Bush. “I believe it’s a sacred institution that is critical to the health of our society and the well-being of families, and it must be defended.”
Focus on the Family founder James Dobson also wasted no time sounding the alarm. “Nothing less than the future of the American family hangs in the balance if we allow one-man, one-woman marriage to be redefined out of existence,” he said in a press release. “And make no mistake – that is precisely the outcome the New Jersey Supreme Court is aiming for with this decision.”
But considering the Foley scandal, not to mention the gay staff so many anti-gay politicians have on their payrolls, how much credibility do the Republicans have left when it comes to this issue?
Not much, according to an Oct. 28 New York Times editorial. “If the last month has taught us anything about the Republican Party, it is that homophobia is campaign strategy, not conviction. Congressmen who trust their careers to gay staffers vote for laws to enshrine second-class citizenship for gays in the Constitution. Gay appointees and their partners are treated as married people at official ceremonies and social gatherings. Then whenever an election rolls around, the whole team pretends it’s on a mission to save America from gay marriage.”
Yet conservatives believe New Jersey’s ruling will get conservatives off their dispirited duffs and to the polls to support the latest round of anti-gay marriage amendments in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.
If come Nov. 8 Democrats haven’t won big like predicted, I don’t want to hear a bunch of pundits pin the blame on gay couples who want to get married. If the Democrats can’t win given the current political climate, then God help them, and God help this country.

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