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Even with anti-gay marriage amendments on ballots nationwide, Democrats elbowed Republicans in the face this last election, regaining control of both the House and Senate.
That’s right: even the Boogeyman of “gay marriage” couldn’t save the GOP this time. The Ted Haggards of the world were too busy getting blown to get the right-wing base out and the rest of America decided they’d rather have protection from things like, oh, war, than same-sex couples wearing matching rings.
Apparently Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney didn’t get the memo. Romney, who didn’t seek reelection as governor but who is widely believed to have his sights set on a presidential bid in 2008, is still out there swinging against the specter of homo matrimony in a state that boasts the motto: “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”
Guess that’s a little too gay for Romney. After all, a sword? Totally phallic. And if liberty means guys are allowed to kiss on the lips, well, forget it. Liberty is gross.
Romney has filed a lawsuit seeking to strong arm the Massachusetts legislature into voting on an amendment that would ban marriage for same-sex couples. The suit, according to The New York Times, asks “the state’s highest court to order the legislature to vote on a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage or to place it on the 2008 ballot if lawmakers do not take up the provision.” The legislature declined for the third time this session to take the measure up earlier this month.
In true compassionate conservative form, Romney, who is filing the suit as a private citizen with a band of 10 other marriage equality opponents, announced the suit the Sunday before Thanksgiving at an anti-gay marriage rally. Nice.
He then sent a letter to the 109 lawmakers who apparently weren’t aware that they were elected by the people of the Commonwealth to do Romney’s bidding, chiding them for “frustrating the democratic process and subverting the plain meaning of the Constitution.”
Anti-gay folks are cheering Romney on. The New York Times quotes the head of the Massachusetts Family Institute blabbering the right-wing talking point of “a fair up or down vote,” which actually has nothing to do with fairness.
Marriage equality proponents think Romney’s grasping at straws. Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders Legal Director Gary Buseck told the Times, “I can’t see any way in which this lawsuit has any merit whatsoever.”
Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus co-chair Arline Isaacson told The Boston Globe, “Romney is pursuing this aggressively because he seeks to keep his name front and center at the national level as an anti-gay zealot” to court conservative voters.
Message to Romney: Loosen your grip on the sword. Seriously. You’re going to get carpal tunnel or something.

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