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Creep of the Week: Peter LaBarbera

By |2008-06-19T09:00:00-04:00June 19th, 2008|Opinions|

Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera is pissed. Specifically, he’s pissed at public television. Even more specifically he’s pissed at Chicago public TV station WTTW for having the gall to air a documentary during their telethon about gays that didn’t say all homos are depraved, hell bound heathens who could change if they wanted to but choose to love gay sex more than they love Jesus.
Here’s what LaBarbera had to say via the Christian Newswire on June 12: “It is unconscionable that WTTW would show such blatant disregard for its faith-and tradition-minded viewers that it would use anti-Christian programs celebrating homosexuality for its fund-raising telethons.”
Frankly, I can’t blame him for being a little upset. After all, the station aired a program about the most depraved and godless aspect of homosexuality. No, not butt sex. No, not cruising. And no, not daddies with a fetish for leather. WTTW actually dared to air a program about… I can hardly say it… a gay men’s chorus.
That’s right. A bunch of gay guys who get together in their spare time to sing Barry Manilow songs and favorites from RENT.
I know, I know. It all seems so innocent. What harm could a gay choir cause? But that’s just what they want you to think. One minute you’re watching a group of men with rainbow cummerbunds sing “Papa Can You Hear Me,” and the next minute you’re snapping your fingers and humming along. Before you know it you’re saying to yourself, “Why, with voices this angelic, how could these guys possibly be satanic?” Which brings you dangerously close to gay marrying that cute little tenor in the front row.
So you can understand LaBarbera’s concern. He has other specific grievances about “The Power of Harmony,” a documentary about The Turtle Creek Chorale in Dallas. He claims the film is anti-Christian because of the fact that people in the film claim “that God made homosexuals that way” and includes testimonies by gay men who, for some reason, have some issues with religion. Then there’s a gay couple trying to adopt a baby from Guatemala.
And get this: “The Power of Harmony” portrays these guys as, well, deserving of common decency. Which obviously can’t stand.
“Public television must be impartial on controversial moral issues. We call on WTTW and PBS to balance their pro-homosexual programming with faith-based educational material from the other side, or stop it altogether,” LaBarbera said. “We expect PBS and WTTW officials to fix this bias problem.”
Yes, fix it like a cat in heat. I mean, don’t they have anything on the Children’s Crusades they can run or something?
According to the film’s Web site, “The Power of Harmony captures moments of deep sorrow and the need for human connection and community. It also reveals the joy that humor and music can bring.”
If you think that’s bad, wait until you hear the description of The Turtle Creek Chorale, the group the documentary is about: “The Turtle Creek Chorale provides a place of safety and a family of choice for those rejected by their own. Through music, they deliver a powerful message of acceptance, bridging the gay community with the rest of the world.”
Sickening, I tell you. See for yourself at If you dare.

About the Author:

D'Anne Witkowski is a writer living in Michigan with her wife and son. She has been writing about LGBTQ+ politics for nearly two decades. Follow her on Twitter @MamaDWitkowski.
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