Creep of the Week: Sam Brownback

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Okay everyone, all together now: “Judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote!”
Or at least that’s the line Republicans have been feeding the American people when it comes to rubber-stamping Bush’s uber-right judicial nominees.
Now, however, Bush has gone and nominated a judge who did the unthinkable. No, she didn’t send dirty messages to underage boys. No, she didn’t get caught in a sex scandal involving a meth-peddling prostitute. No, she didn’t adopt cats from the Humane Society under the pretense of looking for a pet in order to experiment on them.
No. It’s worse. Much worse. At least as far as Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, is concerned. Janet T. Neff, whose nomination to the Michigan Court of Appeals is currently be held up by Brownback, attended her lesbian neighbor’s commitment ceremony.
You can’t blame him for being concerned. After all, a good, God-fearing judge would have attended, but with a group of torch bearing friends wearing white hoods, or at least black steeple hats. But someone who attends in support of such a thing, well, there’s no trusting them.
While Brownback acknowledged that her attendance shouldn’t automatically disqualify her, it did make him concerned. “But what I want to know is what does it do to her look at the law? What does she consider the law on same-sex marriage, on civil unions, and I’d want to consider that,” Brownback said on ABC’s “This Week” Nov. 26. “I’m still looking at the Neff situation, and I will in the future,” Brownback said.
Gosh, if only Brownback looked at the, oh I don’t know, Iraq situation with as much fervor.
The liberal-leaning (which in Brownback speak means commie) Neff managed to get a nomination by President Bush to be a U.S. District Court judge as part of a compromise struck with Democrats.
Neff’s nomination is pending before the full Senate; Brownback has stalled it because of her attendance at the 2002 ceremony in Massachusetts.
Brownback as more or less asked Neff whether she’s a full-fledged homo-lovin’ supporter of “gay marriage” which she has declined to answer, much as the judicial nominees Brownback supported declined to answer questions about abortion rights.
“To me these issues should be decided by the legislative bodies, not by the judicial bodies, and it seems to me this may indicate some view of hers on the legal issue. And that’s what I’m concerned about here, is her view of the legal issue involving same-sex marriage,” Brownback said.
Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told Planet Out that the episode was “nothing more than Sam Brownback looking for another opportunity to rear his bigoted head and find a way to attack gay people.”
Of course it is. With Brownback looking to run for president in 2008, he wants to secure the homo-hating vote. Hell, I don’t think anyone else even wants him to run.

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