Cyndi Lauper: I had to come out as straight

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by Rex Wockner

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Pop singer Cyndi Lauper told The Times of London on Aug. 2 that she had to come out as straight.
“My sister was gay, my best friends were gay, so I figured I had to be gay,” she said. “So I did everything they did. I tried kissing girls. But it didn’t feel right for me and eventually I was forced to come out as a heterosexual.”
Lauper also launched a broadside against George W. Bush.
“When I hear people like George Bush talk about the gay community being anti-American it makes my blood boil,” she said.
“The guy who saved the White House, one of the heroes who crashed that plane on 9/11, was gay — the rugby player Mark Bingham, who died on United 93. And does Bush ever mention that? … That gay guy saved his lousy ass.”

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