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Dancing Around the Truth

By |2018-10-10T13:36:12-04:00October 10th, 2018|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Like Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”
5 Beachwear for a hunk
10 Fruity drinks
14 Auto dash dial
15 Greek poet who didn’t look at porn
16 “___ l’amour!”
17 Start to climax
18 “___ there yet?”
19 Kind of stimulating
20 Start of a quip
22 More of the quip
24 Mardi Gras, e.g.
25 Nook at the Cathedral of Hope
27 Hustler’s stick
28 NNW’s opposite
29 Albee’s “Fam and ___ ”
32 Bygone nuclear agcy.
33 Billy Budd, for one
34 Pears and Cameron
36 Portable beds
37 More of the quip
41 Really big tale
42 Tennessee Williams title critter
43 33 1/3, for a Johnny Mathis LP
44 “In Cold Blood” writer, briefly
46 Sweaty guy on a sweaty guy on a wrestling mat
47 Symbol of punishment
50 “Xanadu” band, for short
51 Source of Mary’s fleece
53 Speedy train
55 End of the quip
57 Burt, the source of the quip (1936-2018)
60 Alternative to “Go straight”
61 1996 Madonna movie
63 Second year student, for short
64 Like hand-me-downs
65 Word that may follow sperm or organ
66 Stable female
67 Like hotties in a gay bar
68 Burke or Close
69 Nose activator

1 Everyone can go down on them
2 What knights stick in their foes
3 The song “Do Re Mi” explains this
4 Cry over spilt milk
5 Ethnic cuisine type
6 Game-ending sound, for Sue Wicks
7 Last letter on Lesbos
8 Like a crescent moon
9 Film directed by Randal Kleiser
10 Declare openly
11 Gus Van Sant, for one
12 Compare online stats, e.g.
13 Wall Street bears
21 More like a cunning linguist
23 Premature ejaculation meas.
26 Say “No, thanks” to
30 Went down on
31 One way to cook your meat
34 GI under a corporal
35 Scrap of cloth
36 USA spies
37 Appreciation expression on Broadway
38 Porn star also known as Dirt Nasty
39 Rink star Babilonia
40 Kofi of the UN
41 Homo ___
44 Pampering, briefly
45 Like “Finding Nemo”
47 Get ready to shoot off again
48 Experienced hand
49 One of Santa’s reindeer
52 It leaves a salty taste in your mouth
54 Burt posed for an iconic centerfold for this mag
56 Warhol, who was shot in a film title
58 Thames school
59 Craft store bundle
62 Button you use to turn down REM


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