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Dave Coulter is the Right Choice for Oakland County Executive

By |2020-07-22T14:04:09-04:00July 22nd, 2020|Opinions, Viewpoints|

Less than a year ago, on Nov. 27, 2019, David Coulter signed a resolution to adopt an anti-discrimination addition to employment policy that protects LGBTQ workers in Oakland County.

Previously, Oakland County’s policy had forbidden discrimination based on race, sex, age, physical or mental handicap, national origin, religious beliefs or political affiliation. Nothing in the original resolution indicated the inclusion of protection from discrimination based on gender identity or expression. From day one, serving as Oakland County Executive, David Coulter concentrated his efforts on making Oakland County a safer and stronger community that promotes equality and inclusion. David Coulter is a passionate human rights activist with a proven track record.

As a Ferndale resident, I have observed David Coulter serving as our mayor for many years.  Under David’s leadership, Ferndale continued its course to become a vibrant and safe community for its LGBTQ population. The city of Ferndale is now one of the most progressive and forward-thinking communities in our county, if not in the whole state.

I do not have to remind anyone about the current political climate in our country and how LGBTQ rights are under constant attack.

Local politics are always important since the local officials we elect are our amplified voices. They oversee especially important policies locally and on the state level. But policies and resolutions to safeguard the LGBTQ population are not easy to introduce and adapt. It is an uphill battle, and our community cannot stop. We cannot take the back seat just because in 2015 gay marriage was legalized. Our liberties are being challenged and undermined daily. Therefore, we need to advocate for openly LGBTQ candidates like David Coulter.

We need to continue a dialogue in our society. The topics of equality and inclusion are extremely uncomfortable for many. There were plenty of occasions when our elected allies proudly declared their support for the LGBTQ community while delivering very little to further solidify our rights. That is why we need to support openly LGBTQ candidates who are willing and ready to raise their hand and speak about inequality. We need to elect leaders that stand against discrimination, confront bigotry and cast their vote in favor of policies and resolutions that focus on human rights.

There is no doubt in my mind that David Coulter is our champion and our advocate. I am certain that David Coulter will continue to bring people together and will progress our county forward, focusing on social and civil issues that are so important for our community. I am certain that David Coulter will reserve to positive, progressive and dignified practices while in the office, and he will continue his efforts to further unite our community.

About the Author:

Oscar Renautt is the founder of the LGBTQ Unity Fund, a PAC created to support LGBTQ candidates in Michigan.