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Dear Jody

By | 2008-03-27T09:00:00-04:00 March 27th, 2008|Opinions|

Dear Readers: In the Feb. 28 column a reader wrote about planning a Valentine’s Day party with a game based on the TV show “The Moment of Truth.” It ended in disaster. It also received many responses from other readers.

Jody, I want to respond to the person who planned a Valentine’s Day party based on the TV show “The Moment of Truth.” First of all, I think you were too easy on him. Anyone who would plan a Valentine’s Day party around a game that is based on finding out information that would be hurtful to a relationship – or embarrass someone – must be off his rocker. This sort of thing is never fun; it is only hurtful. I am surprised he still has all his teeth after playing this vicious prank on his friends.
Now I know you said all his friends are adults and could have said they didn’t want to play – well, that is hard to do at a party. You get caught off guard and, in the moment, do things you might not do if you had time to think about it. Some people might not even know what the game is like if they hadn’t seen the TV show. You often tell people to go to therapy; well, this guy needs therapy before he has any more parties or maybe even relationships. He’s a sick puppy!

Not That Krazy in K’zoo

I am writing about the letter from the guy who planned a party around the TV show, “The Moment of Truth.” I don’t think this is such a bad idea. My question would be: Why would all these people with so-called loving relationships have secrets that would destroy their relationship? I happen to love this show; it is one of my favorite on TV. I think that people that have secrets should be found out. And if they have secrets, they are pretty stupid for going on the show if they don’t want to be found out. Besides, these contestants get a lot of money for being honest.
Nothing to Hide

Regarding that guy who planned a Valentine’s Day party and played the game “The Moment of Truth”: I bet he worked for the CIA.

There were also quite a few responses regarding the March 6 column from “Son of Sperm Donor.” He was distressed because when he told his mother that he was gay, she told him that his father was a sperm donor, and was probably the cause of him being gay.

I read the letter about conception using a sperm donor. I too was conceived this way but my story is entirely different. I knew from the beginning that my moms carefully and lovingly picked out who would be the “sperm donor.” It always felt like I was one lucky kid to have two moms who’d go to this trouble and to look for just the right person and want me so much.
The reason I am mentioning this is: I know this is a frequent practice these days, and I believe it should be carefully thought out on how to present such information to the child. Also my moms always had a conference with my teachers before the beginning of the school year to make sure father/daughter things would be held in a manor that did not make me feel left out. They had friends that were glad to stand in when a man was needed. These friends were a part of our life so I was always glad to be with them. I am now 17 and am so lucky to have the supportive and loving family that I do. My heart goes out to “Son of a Sperm Donor.”
Sperm Donor’s Daughter

I think that “Son of Sperm Donor”‘s mom is a vengeful woman. I hope he doesn’t let her try to get help for his “condition” (i.e. being gay). Being gay is a great condition to be in, so be proud!

Queer and Proud of It

I saw the article online in Between The Lines about the “Son of Sperm Donor.” I thought that you might like to know that there are online groups for donor-conceived people. They may also be able to help “Son of Sperm Donor” deal with some of the issues here:


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