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By Romeo San Vicente

Jackman and Craig – in uniform!

It’s not like gay men necessarily need special incentive to go see a Broadway show, but some shows seemed specifically designed to appeal to queer theatergoers. The recent stage-musical version of “Xanadu” was one, but even roller-skating to Olivia Newton-John songs might pale next to what’s just been announced: Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig will co-star in the drama “A Steady Rain.” And if the presence of these two big-screen hunks live and in person wasn’t enough to generate enthusiasm, both actors will be playing cops whose friendship is tested on a domestic-violence call in one of Chicago’s sketchier neighborhoods. Romeo eagerly awaits the “SNL” (or maybe the “Big Gay Sketch Show,” who knows?) version after the play opens this fall, where the title’s downpour soaks the stars’ dress blues, which they’ll then peel off to a chorus of “It’s Raining Men.”

Guy wants ‘Guys’?

So far it’s all a lot of talk. And it’s been a lot of talk for a long time. In fact, since 2003, talk of a remake of the movie musical “Guys & Dolls” has surfaced, been reported on, submerged, resurfaced, to not much real effect. But now it seems that Guy Ritchie wants to go ahead with his version of the classic musical. Word is that Madonna’s ex has already taken some meetings in Hollywood and is enthusiastic about taking on his first all-singing, all-dancing project. (Well, his second if you count the former Mrs. Ritchie.) And will his muse Jason Statham take part as rumored? The joke is that they’ve always wanted to make a musical together. But whether or not the “Transporter” tough guy can carry a tune the way he carries a gun is as mysterious as how he maintains that perpetual 5 o’clock shadow.

French kids who can fly

While it’s harder and harder for foreign-language filmmakers to make a name for themselves among an increasingly subtitles-phobic American audience, gay French director Francois Ozon has successfully bucked that trend, earning raves for films like “Swimming Pool,” “8 Women” and “Time to Leave.” The fact that almost all of his films contain gay and lesbian characters has certainly drawn him a devoted audience among queer moviegoers. His latest film, “Ricky,” could certainly be interpreted as metaphorically gay, since it deals with a working-class single parent struggling to raise a unique child – unique in that little Ricky has wings and can fly, mind you. But who says the “X-Men” movies get to have all the gay-as-oppressed-mutants fun? Make up your own mind about Ozon’s new movie when IFC Films lets “Ricky” fly into U.S. theaters in 2010.

Girls still just want to have fun

Sorry kids of the ’80s, but your childhood is being sold off bit by bit. It happens to every generation, so it would be wise for you to get used to it now and steel yourself against the disappointment. You thought maybe “Transformers” was all you’d have to endure, but no, that was simply the beginning. Now they want to remake “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” the monumentally silly 1985 movie based on Cyndi Lauper’s monster hit song, a film that really didn’t have much to do with the song in the first place. It concerned Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker’s obsession with a teen dance show. And now that there are no more teen dance shows left on television, it’s unclear as to what the remake will be about. And there’s no cast yet, but it’s going to involve girls and fun. That’s a certainty. The good news: It’s more or less guaranteed to be cooler than any of the “High School Musical” movies.

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