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By Romeo San Vicente

‘Paperboy’ delivering McConaughey and Efron

Two high-profile gay filmmakers collaborating on a sexy thriller? That’s the news with “The Paperboy,” a feature being produced by Pedro Almodovar and directed by the officially-way-overbooked Lee Daniels (“Precious”). Based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel of the same name, it’s set to star Tobey Maguire, Zac Efron, “Modern Family” bombshell Sofia Vergara and Matthew McConaughey (who’s sticking with the thriller scripts for now in spite of “The Lincoln Lawyers”‘s so-so box office). The plot concerns a “Miami Times” reporter who returns to his Florida hometown to investigate a story involving a death row inmate. This could turn out to be great; Almodovar knows style and Daniels knows real-life grittiness, so the end result will be interesting to look at, at least. And wouldn’t it be cool if Efron or Vergara were the one playing the person on death row? OK, maybe “cool” is the wrong word. “Refreshingly weird” then. How’s that?

Kat Dennings: From ‘Thor’ to ‘Broke’

She smart-alecked her way through “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” and she’s currently doing it again in “Thor,” which can only mean that Kat Dennings has wisecracking sitcom queen written all over her. And if comic Whitney Cummings and “Sex and the City”‘s Michael Patrick King have their way, she will be when “Two Broke Girls” hits TV screens later this year. Dennings will star alongside newcomer Beth Behrs as a couple of New York twentysomethings – one formerly rich and one who’s never known money – who work in a diner. You can call it “Sex and the City” for women who have to work two weeks to earn what a part of Louboutins cost or a modern recession-based “Laverne & Shirley.” Whatever you do, don’t call it cancelled after one episode. That kind of broke isn’t funny.

‘Glee’: Fact and fiction

It’s not a fresh new week without something “Glee”-related happening somewhere and this week’s installment is a good one. If it’s true, that is. But widely-discussed rumor has it that Daniel Radcliffe, currently appearing on Broadway in a revival of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” might wind up on the still-under-wraps season finale that takes place in NYC. No one will confirm or deny what’s really going on, but his IMDB page already lists the credit and, even if it’s not true, it succeeds in maximizing “Glee” mania until the airdate. Meanwhile, it’s definitely true that Max Adler, who plays everyone’s favorite terrified gay jock/bully/prom king Dave Karovsky, will appear in the upcoming horror comedy “Detention of the Dead.” A “Breakfast Club”-meets-zombies tale, it takes place at a high school where the only people who haven’t turned undead are the ones locked in detention. The smart money is on the survival of whatever character is most like Molly Ringwald.

‘Project Runway’ to spawn more ‘Project Runway’

Still going reasonably strong after a couple of dud seasons and a lawsuit (and whatever “Models of The Runway” was), “Project Runway” is about to give birth to fraternal twins. Two new competition shows, “Project Runway: Masters” and “Project Runway: Accessories” are heading to Lifetime, presumably in the hopes of continuing to rebuild the “Runway” brand after its shaky landing at the network. “Masters” seems the most promising because it will pit established name designers against each other (dream battle: the Rodarte girls versus the Olsen Twins in a hipster cagefighting match). But what will “Accessories” do to fill an hour after each designer has already created a really big scarf? Let’s just hope Heidi Klum is available to crack the whip for all three shows. They might need it.

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