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By Romeo San Vicente

‘BloodRayne’ showers Loken and Rodriguez
Guinevere Turner, Romeo’s favorite femme “Go Fish” alumna, “American Psycho” victim, and “L Word” writer, is on a vampire hunt. Her latest screenplay, an adaptation of the vampire-themed video game “BloodRayne,” just began production in Romania with director Uwe Boll (“House of the Dead”). Starring Oscar winner Ben Kingsley, tough-girl “S.W.A.T.” star Michelle Rodriguez, “Terminator 3″‘s sexy killer robot Kristanna Loken – who’s famous for making out with pop star Pink in South American nightclubs – and “Legally Blonde”‘s Matthew Davis, “BloodRayne” is Goth from the get-go as a half-human/half-vampire Rayne (Loken) leads a band of vampire hunters through 18th-century Transylvania. Their target? Rayne’s father, Kagan (Kingsley), King of Vampires, who raped Rayne’s mother years earlier. No word on whether or not the lesbian-penned script includes any “Hunger”-esque, no-men-allowed intimacy or just a lot of chicks kicking vampire ass. Either way, look for it to rise from the dead in 2005.

Brandy’s gay producers
Actress/singer Brandy may be headed back to TV with her former producing partners Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. The pop singer and star of UPN’s “Moesha” is finalizing a development deal that would have her headlining an as-yet-unspecified sitcom for Fox. The deal will reunite Brandy with Zadan and Meron, who produced her earlier TV projects – “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella,” which co-starred Whitney Houston, and “Double Platinum,” which co-starred Diana Ross. And since both of those projects were musicals, Romeo thinks it would be cool for Brandy’s new series to mine that old “Partridge Family” formula and close each episode with a song (and at least she’d be lip-syncing to her own voice). No charge to Zadan and Meron for that great idea.

Gregg Araki gives you the ‘Creeeps!’
Gregg Araki’s newest movie, “Mysterious Skin,” is in the can and on its way to major film festivals later this year. Meanwhile, the “Living End” director is already hard at work on his next feature, “Creeeps!,” about a bunch of teens at a Malibu beach house who are visited by some unexpected guests – ones that are presumably so creepy they earned themselves an extra letter “e” for their trouble. And on the small-screen front, Araki is developing a half-hour series called “Get Lost” with producer Mary Jane Skalski. The show will follow the “Sex and the City” template with a young ensemble cast and plotlines that cover the sexual spectrum. In other words, the networks won’t be touching it with a 10-foot pole, and it’ll probably end up on premium cable.

‘Alexander”s joystick
Oliver Stone’s upcoming historical epic, “Alexander” – the movie that advance word would suggest is neither brave nor manly enough to deal with the hero’s real-life same-sex adventures – is also going to be a video game. Ubisoft announced that it will release the tie-in game “Alexander” and that, with any luck, Colin Farrell will lend his voice talents to the project. The game will feature music by composer Vangelis, who scored the film, and, according to Stone, will also contain “what-if” scenarios that let gamers rearrange history. Now, if allowing Alexander to lose a battle in a video game is allowed, wouldn’t it be great if gamers were given the option of making the hero plant one on Hephaestion (played in the film by Jared Leto) instead of Roxanne (Rosario Dawson)?

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