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Deep Inside Hollywood

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By Romeo San Vicente

Reese adopts ‘Bunny’

When does Reese Witherspoon sleep? She’s got the remake of “Vanity Fair” under her belt, she’s playing June Carter in the Johnny Cash biopic, and her production company – the appropriately named Type A – is developing a film version of the South African novel “Mother to Mother.” Now it appears that Witherspoon will also produce and star in the remake of the oddball ’60s psychological thriller “Bunny Lake Is Missing.” The original starred not-quite-out-of-the-closet Laurence Olivier and Noel Coward, as well as Carol Lynley as a mother who reports her daughter missing, only to realize that the child may have never existed in the first place. If all goes as planned, Witherspoon will take the Lynley role. And then maybe she’ll take a rest. Or not.

Elton John: The TV show?

Here’s how we imagine it happening: Shaun Cassidy (yeah, “that” Shaun Cassidy) watched Ewan McGregor burst into Elton John’s “Your Song” – one of “Moulin Rouge”‘s more stirring moments – and thought, “What if this was on TV every week?” Cassidy himself will write and produce a pilot for Warner Bros. TV called “Rhapsody,” a show based on the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Details are still in the planning stages, but the show will center around two families, with themes taken from the lyrics of the John/Taupin tunes. The failure of ’80s stuff like “Cop Rock” notwithstanding, it would be kind of cool if the cast just started singing around the dinner table. Or maybe an all-cannibalism episode based on “Circle of Life?” Call me, Shaun, we’ll talk.

Want more Willow?

Alyson Hannigan, everyone’s favorite teenage lesbian witch from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” has signed a deal with NBC to star in a half-hour comedy for the fall 2004 season. The likable young actor seems a natural to get her own hit show, after wooing devoted audiences as both the sensitive, sapphic Willow and as “American Pie”‘s goofy but sexually exuberant band camper Michelle. Currently Hannigan is in the script-reading-and-writer-meeting phase of the project, so obsessive “Buffy” fanatics still have time to post their fantasies on their favorite websites. But it’s probably safe to say that the final product won’t contain either the casting of spells or the kissing of girls.

The Golden Guys

In the tradition of NBC’s 2002 hit summer replacement series “The Rerun Show,” as well as such theatrical productions as “The Real Live Brady Bunch” and “The Phacts of Life” – which turned scripts from the original shows into loving, mocking tributes – comes “The Golden Girls: LIVE!” The men-in-drag interpretation of the hit ’80s series has been running in New York since August and is so well-received by audiences – including some so obsessed with the sassy, senior ladies they recite dialogue aloud from their seats – that it’s moving to off-Broadway with an eight-show-a-week schedule through the end of the year. Of course, the real question is, will “Designing Women” be next? And if it is, are there enough shoulder-padded jackets left in circulation to costume both casts?

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