Democrats, HRC won’t get another dime from me

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The House Democratic leadership has already made clear that it will not allow a vote on an amendment from Rep. Tammy Baldwin to add gender identity back into the bill. And in a stinging rebuke to more than 300 LGBT organizations which waged an unprecedented campaign to support that amendment, the Human Rights Campaign announced Tuesday morning that it has signed onto a letter supporting passage of ENDA without the amendment. In light of the above, neither the Democratic National Committee, or the HRC will ever receive another dime from me! They both can go to Hades with their vanity piece of legislation that will only be vetoed by W! All they have successfully accomplished by following in the footsteps of the Republican propaganda master, Karl Rove, is split and divide the LGBT community much to the satisfaction and delight of the Irreligious Wrong & the Right Wing fascist in this country!

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Jen Marcus
Royal Oak}

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