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Apparently, a looming psychopath on Wisteria Lane wasn’t enough to keep “Desperate Housewives” afloat during its second season. So, gay creator Marc Cherry added a miscarriage, arson, affairs, in-vitro fertilization and a gay teenager who seduces his mom’s sex-addict boyfriend.
While “Desperate Housewives'” first few messy episodes, which featured an overdramatic, whiny Susan (Teri Hatcher), didn’t seem to take off and many thought the sophomore season was headed for a crash landing, the remaining episodes scream “Emmy.”
It wasn’t just the ghastly look of Bree Van De Camp’s washed-out face, her hair unusually stringy, that glassed over my eyes on the May 7 episode. But when Marcia Cross read her lines in a monotone voice, she exposed a look of defeat.
Letting go couldn’t have been easy for Bree, whose gay son Andrew (Shawn Pyform) stirred up more problems than she had words for as she handed him a duffle bag, told him there’s a bus stop a mile away, and then said, “I can’t be around you anymore. I’m just not strong enough.”
It’s hard to feel sorry for Andrew, who topped off his revengeful antics toward Bree with a devious set-up. After calling Bree and telling her their was an emergency at the house, she headed home only to walk in on Andrew lying in her bed shirtless while her boyfriend Peter walked out of the bathroom in his boxers. The next morning she acted all honky-dory and ready to visit a college that enticed Andrew.
“You know what the good news is: I win,” he told Bree, as she approached the car at a middle-of-nowhere gas station. “I remember the look in your eyes when I told you I was gay,” he continued in a rare moment where Andrew displayed, through glassed-over eyes, emotions.
Sure, Bree sent Andrew to an “ex-gay” camp and told him, “I’d love you even if you were a murderer.” But she gradually came around, eventually inviting his boyfriend over for dinner. There were signs. But Andrew ignored them, using his time for more useful endeavors like accusing his boozy mother of abusing him.
But no one’s perfect. Andrew knows this best. He’s the one who ran over Carlo’s mother while drunk and left the scene, leaving her to die. But, as we saw on Sunday’s episode, apparently hitting people with things runs in the family. Yeah, Danielle, we’re talking about striking Betty Applewhite’s head with a crowbar.
With all this hovering over the Van De Camps’ heads, and Applewhite now well-versed on the night Andrew hit Carlo’s mother, it’s bound to come out as a black mail pursuit in a stream of unpredictable storylines that will surely cross-over to season three. I bet Rex is rolling in his grave.

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