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Detroit Native’s Sex-Positive Brand Created ‘For People to Feel Free and Not Judged’

Ka’Juan 'KHAOS' Hill’s Red Light Society introduces Thrust Silk lube

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Detroit native Ka’Juan Hill is a man who wears many hats. By day he works in HIV/AIDS prevention and by night he hosts parties — around town and around the country — as KHAOS. He is also a model, spokesperson and the host of his own podcast, “The Let’s Talk About It Show.”
Now, the entrepreneur has also launched the Red Light Society with a line of adult products currently in development and its signature product, Thrust Silk lubricant, on sale now.
“The Red Light Society is a brand that I came up with,” Hill told Pride Source. “I’ve been in sexual health for about five years now and I’ve learned a lot doing outreach and prevention work. I started to think, ‘How can I make a product that people could have fun with?’”
Hill chose the name Thrust Silk for dual reasons.
“There’s silk in the ingredients. I had to let people know that. I needed something sexy, but I needed it to be ratchet, too. I wanted to cater to freaks,” he said. “I wanted people to look at the bottle and say ‘What does that say?’ Even the logo, it looks like 1984. Even the website I want to look like ‘80s porn. It took a very long time coming up with that name, too.”
Hill said he has two additional lubes in the works.
“There will be an organic lube and a silicone-based lube. The organic lube is going to cater more to women,” he said. “I know a lot of trans women who have had surgery and they have to dilate. So this will help.”
Hill mentioned his new product on his podcast, and within days the first shipment was almost sold out. Hill said in addition to redlightsociety.shop, he one day wants to have his own physical location.“I hope to have my own store one day. After the lubes, I want to have toys and underwear and all kinds of sexy stuff”, he said.
“I want my store to be as big as Adam & Eve or any of the local sex stores in the city,” Hill continued. “I want my products to be for everyone, but I want to cater to the LGBTQ community, the type of sex that we have, so really focusing on anal play and really focusing on teasing and doms and worshipping and also focusing on lesbian sex, too.”
Hill also sees his products helping people experiencing sexual dysfunction. “Some women may not get wet like they used to,” he points out. “Some men may not get hard like they used to. These people need a little assistance, and I want them to come to the Red Light Society for that assistance.”
Hill plans to start splitting his time between Michigan and New York, where he’ll continue to work in sexual health while promoting his brand.
“I created this for people to feel free and not judged,” he said. “I created a society of people like me.”

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