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An homage to the surreality that defines New York City, celebrated pop artist Olan Montgomery’s new pocket-sized book, “POP – Art inspired by New York’s Own Subcultures from Celebrity to Subway,” examines with hypercolor sunglasses the individuals that affectionately rub the Big Apple’s underbelly, including glittering nightlife personalities, gay idols and the fragile homeless. Combining elements of photography and hand painting with poetry and famous quotes, the images contained within the coffee-table tome are digitally manipulated, printed on canvas, then personally stroked with color and rhetoric by the artist himself – all in a neon-hued attempt to answer the question, “Why can’t a nanosecond last forever?” Cultural icons Boy George, Rufus Wainwright, Alan Cumming, Anna Nicole Smith and Amanda Lepore are among those featured. $59.95-$77.95; http://www.lipstickchic.com

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