Don’t Cuss, Call Gus

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1 “The Death of Friends” author Michael
5 The A in GLARP (abbr.)
9 Fairy story figure
14 How far up it goes (abbr.)
15 Syngman of Korea
16 Dykes on Bikes member, e.g.
17 “Hairspray” handle
18 Bamako’s country
19 With a wide-open mouth
20 Gus Kenworthy displayed this in a Head & Shoulders commercial
23 “The Simpsons” bartender
24 Hard top?
25 Kind of key, for Jerry Herman
27 Town in da Vinci’s land
30 “The Music Man” composer Willson
33 Tammy Faye’s old club
34 Wood that doesn’t need moth balls
36 Tonto’s erection
37 “Pretty in Pink” setting
39 Almodovar’s mister
41 Practice hitting a shirtless man
42 One of Caesar’s stones
44 Dead duck
46 Fruit sugar ending
47 Female impersonator’s pencil application
49 Sex toys, for some
51 The S of WASP
52 Mauna ___
53 What thespians do with each other
55 Kenworthy is often called this for being vocal about LGBTQ issues
61 Feature of Langston Hughes’ work
63 Sitarist Shankar
64 Nuts
65 Whoopi in “The Color Purple”
66 Ghostbusters role
67 Chimp that was out in space
68 Sailor’s rear
69 Emulated Rufus Wainwright
70 Hungers

1 Not even once, to Dickinson
2 Alan of “And the Band Played On”
3 Part of Caesar’s boast
4 Ahead, in da Vinci’s land
5 Powder rooms?
6 Peggy of WOW Cafe
7 Word with gratification or abuse
8 “Hairspray” coproducer with Craig Zadan
9 Cop show about catching some queens?
10 Sham locks
11 First openly gay man to qualify for the Winter Olympics
12 Car that used to be yours
13 Like love, for some
21 Fruit of Peter Pears?
22 k.d. lang’s “The ___ That I Breathe”
26 Sapphic poetry
27 Big name in computers
28 Be unfaithful to your lover
29 One of Kenworthy’s event
30 Bruce Wayne kept his Dick in one
31 Style Tracy Turnblad’s hair
32 Toast opener
35 De Rossi’s wife
38 Kunis of “Black Swan”
40 Dealing with an invitation
43 “___ Going on Seventeen”
45 P’s for Socrates
48 Drama in the land of Samurai
50 YouTube personality Tyler
53 Curve and others
54 Guitarist Atkins
56 “Do What U Want” Lady
57 Shakespeare could have bathed in it
58 Skye on screens
59 Supply-and-demand subj.
60 Diana, who was once a Supreme being?
62 To me, to Hirschfeld

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