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1 Scott of “American Beauty”
7 Subtle difference
13 Wonder Woman’s people
15 Drag queen’s application for lids
16 End of an SNL quip: “I may not be very good on camera, but ___”
18 IRS data
19 Actor Robert and family
20 South Beach’s Miami-___ County
21 Lesbians in training, e.g.
23 More of the end of the quip
27 More of the end of the quip
32 Really queer
33 Phallic fish
34 Overwhelm with sweetness
35 Boobs
40 “Atlas Shrugged” author Ayn
41 Smith of “Dawson’s Creek”
42 Peruvian friends of Maya Angelou?
43 “Would ___ to you?”
44 Layers over Scarlet’s petticoats?
47 Some of them are gray
50 What a man may be made of, in Oz
51 Theater whisper
55 End of the end of the quip
56 Offspring of a queen
57 Betsy, who was spoofed in the SNL quip
58 Words before were
59 Dr. Weaver portrayer Laura
61 Pinball wizard foul
62 “Evita” lyricist Tim
63 Bernstein manuscript, e.g.
64 Tubbies’ prefix
65 Harlan Greene’s “What the ___ Remember”
66 The brainy bunch
67 Fruit-flavored ice cream maker

1 Nickname for Streisand
2 Iowa State city
3 Madeline of “Young Frankenstein”
4 Shooters from the land of the cut
5 Chaney of silent films
6 McArdle once of “Annie” fame
7 Egyptian lake namesake
8 The NCAA Trojans
9 Served perfectly, to Mauresmo
10 _Peter Pan_ pooch
11 Acceptance on the street, in slang
12 “___ On Down the Road”
14 Places for commercial intercourse
15 Kind of blitz
17 Lang. of Queen Esther
21 Bridal bio word
22 Sch. for Rev. Spahr
23 Make fun of
24 Noel but not Coward
25 “Take ___ leave it!”
26 Playfully insulted with wry humor?
28 Alanis, who played a doctor on “Weeds”
29 Russian river
30 “___ Get a Witness” (Marvin Gaye)
31 David ___ Pierce
35 Pose for Diana Davies
36 Example
37 Kate, who portrayed Betsy in the SNL skit
38 O’Keeffe and Bonheur
39 Ga., once
45 Milk, so to speak
46 Abe Lincoln’s boy
47 Sarah Paulson’s Emmy for playing Marcia Clark, e.g.
48 LGBT rights activist O’Donnell
49 Kane in “All My Children”
52 Covered with vines
53 Say hello to her on Broadway
54 Rob of “Melrose Place”
59 Suffix with homoerotic or sex
60 Where you work in the navy


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