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1 Cathedral of Hope area
5 Nintendo rival
9 Tuesday to 50 million Frenchmen
14 “Boys Don’t Cry” character
15 Parka feature
16 You blow them among the reeds
17 Processes wine or cheese
18 Person in opposition
19 Lord Byron, for one
20 He plays a lawyer in “8”
23 “Norma ___ ” (Field film)
24 Next to bat, to Billy Bean
25 Come together
27 Disney Uncle
30 Handle on a streetcar, for Williams?
33 JFK’s successor
36 See-through material brand
38 Was excessive with the mouth
39 “Six Feet Under” creator Ball
41 Conductor Boulanger
43 Trust, with “on”
44 Less nuts
46 Evans of “Dynasty”
48 “Breakfast on Pluto” actor Stephen
49 Symbol of discipline
51 Queer, to straights
53 Mine bonanzas
55 Bride’s family, to the other bride
59 In-case connector
61 Former “Star Trek” star in “8”
64 Paul of “Hollywood Squares”
66 Time for cowboys to shoot off
67 At deuce
68 Designer’s job
69 Guy under Hoover
70 Flying fisher
71 Threesome member for Dumas
72 S&M root
73 Calendar boxes


1 You must remember this
2 One who kneels before Apollo
3 He was a real dummy
4 South Pacific island
5 “Hairspray” director Adam
6 Many, many moons
7 Rock music style
8 St. Lo “so long”
9 Beach partner
10 Red Cross system
11 He plays a supporter of marriage equality in “8”
12 Creme-creme filling
13 Chin stroker’s words
21 Tops a cupcake
22 Split one in the locker room
26 Peter or Paul but not Mary
28 Continent-separating range
29 When repeated, a “Funny Girl” song
31 Part of a play
32 Irish pop singer
33 Avoid premature ejaculation
34 Not so exciting
35 She plays an opponent of marriage equality in “8”
37 U.S. Supreme Court count
40 DVD recording software
42 That’s Rich!
45 “South Pacific” composer
47 Isn’t informal
50 “Look at Me, I’m Sandra ___”
52 Tickled pink
54 What Melissa Etheridge puts out
56 “The Seven Samurai” director Kurosawa
57 Put a condiment on it
58 Slaws and salads
59 Vinick portrayer on “The West Wing”
60 Nikita’s no
62 Caesar’s city
63 Stick it in the slow ones
65 Whoop-de-___

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