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By Sharon Gittleman

NOVI – At the Natural Living, DŽcor, Art and Fashion Expo you can learn about decorating, have your dog’s astrological chart read, watch a risquŽ fashion show or buy a vintage cocktail dress – all in one afternoon.
This unique three-day show combines four expos in one, including home design and elegant living booths, fashion and music demonstrations, art and antique vendors and alternative medicine and paranormal information.
“I think a show about one thing is boring. Why not offer a variety of companies?” said Gary Lorig, president of Lifestyles, International, the show’s producer. “If you come for one thing you may see something you didn’t expect.”
Over 100 companies will be displaying their services and merchandise to the 10,000 people expected to attend the expo.
Photography displays, furniture seminars, reiki consultations and makeup demonstrations are just a few of the activities you can enjoy at the event. You may also find yourself the lucky winner of the Fash Bash ticket raffle.
“We’ll have one fashion show per day, from upscale stores,” said Lorig. “We’re doing a special tribute to Helmut Newton, with an edgy show. It is high-fashion meets exotic.”
If you’re more excited by future trends than today’s vogues, you won’t want to miss astrologer Gwen Miller’s lectures, held each afternoon during the expo.
Miller predicts upcoming world events as well as calculating what the stars say about her human, equine and canine clients. When it comes to the LGBT community, some would argue she has good and bad news.
“When I predicted the election last time, I looked at the candidates’ charts and saw who had the most positive things going for them,” said Miller. “I feel like Bush will win this time, because of the astrological aspects in his chart.”
While Miller said she hasn’t researched whether gay marriage will be legal in every state across our nation, she said the overall trend for American culture showed a generalized increase in acceptance and open mindedness over the next few years.
An astrologer acquaintance’s forecast that she’d have a happy financial surprise – followed by an unexpected $7,000 check in her mailbox, started Miller on the road to learning how to cast charts.
Miller isn’t fazed by scoffers’ demands for detailed proofs of astrology’s predictive power.
“I don’t really know a lot about electricity, but I know when I turn on the switch the light will go on,” she said. “When I see it work every day, I don’t have to know how it works or why – it just works. It’s God’s handiwork, not mine.”
Sometimes the information she sees in her clients’ charts isn’t good news.
“I had a reading for a lady. Every time she asked me a question, I kept seeing health issues,” said Miller. “She said, ‘I feel fine, I feel fine.’ I told her, ‘get a check up.'”
The woman returned one year later.
“She said, ‘Because of your urgings, I went to the doctor and they found I had cancer,'” Miller said. “She said, ‘You helped save my life.'”
It wasn’t the last ominous message Miller discovered.
“I saw death in my own chart,” she said. “As it turned out, I was hit by a car. The doctors told my family I had three hours to live.”
Miller survived the accident and now believes the aspect warned of a near death experience.
“It’s between you and God to choose whether you are going to die or not,” she said.
Humans aren’t the only creatures able to benefit from astrology, Miller said.
“Animals have charts like people do,” she said. “It’s fascinating because animals can’t talk. But if you understand the intricacies of their personalities, it can show you what motivates them. So it helps you work with the animal instead of against it.”
If you’d like to experience the fun activities at the expo, come to the event from 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m., Aug. 6, 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Aug. 7 and 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Aug. 8, at the Novi Expo Center, located at 43700 Expo Center Drive in Novi. Admission is $7. Discount coupons will be available at http://www.lifeintl.com/expo.htm on the Internet.

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