Roe v. Wade Was Just Overturned. Now What?

It is an all-hands-on-deck moment in Michigan and our nation. Today’s opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade should be a siren blaring in the night, waking people up from every corner of the country and motivating them to take action — [...]

Finding Toni

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1 Reproduced nonheterosexually?
5 Lube brand
9 Where bulging pecs are
14 Nathan of “The Good Wife”
15 Part of a fruity drink
16 “Couldn’t get out of it”
17 Silica stone
18 Cumming on the stage
19 Cary of “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”
20 Start of a quote from Toni Morrison
22 Penetrates
23 WWII zone
24 “Xtra”‘s prov.
25 Tammy Baldwin’s party symbol
27 Glenn Burke stat
28 Nero’s land
30 “The Bridge” poet Crane
32 Norse war god
33 Hrs. in P-town
35 Deer in Maria’s song
36 Where boxers are visible
37 More of the quote
41 Bosom buddy
42 Meadow murmur
43 He cared for Samuel
44 Skirt edges
45 Some guys do it nocturnally
47 Brand for cutting leaves of grass
51 WWII battle site, for short
52 Cross-dresser’s padding site
53 Personal-ad info
55 Title for Oedipus
56 Anti-homophobic, e.g.
58 End of the quote
61 “Dirty Dancing” director Ardolina
62 Very, to Verlaine
63 “Believe ___ not!”
64 Woody secretion
65 “Java” trumpeter Al
66 Kunis of “Black Swan”
67 Paid for a hand
68 Problem for skin
69 Perfect serves from Mauresmo

1 State of secrecy
2 “Tru” story subject
3 Bewitch
4 Cut
5 Warren of Billy Bean’s sport
6 Frasier’s ex
7 ___ instant
8 Outback bounder
9 Game with many openings
10 “Hold your horses!”
11 Royal lover of Piers Gaveston
12 Sculptor Emma
13 Solo sex, with “off”
21 Proposal in a bar
26 Adam’s partner in gay Eden?
29 Makes a hole bigger
31 Statesman Stevenson
32 Do-___ situation
34 Where Caesar went to the bank?
37 1939 Cukor movie
38 David Sedaris’ type of writer
39 TV wife of two gay Dicks
40 Influential member of a tribe
41 Idle fancy
46 San Francisco’s Eagle, e.g.
48 Like many a Paul Cadmus painting
49 Give a loafer a new bottom
50 Actors with small parts
52 Coffee bar offering
54 Beau chaser
57 “I cannot tell ___”
59 Mabius of “The L Word”
60 Bean town?






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