• Photo: Shamir

For Shamir, Success During a Pandemic Is True to Form

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If you want to know how musical chameleon Shamir is right now, expect the 25-year-old to answer much like he approaches making music. In both cases, he doesn’t like to repeat himself. “I’ve done a lot of interviews, so I’ve been trying to vary my answers,” he says, laughing. 

On the day we connect by phone, he’s not good, he’s not bad. “I’m alive, you know.” 

Considering his 2020, which has been one of his most successful years yet, that’s a very good thing to be. In March, just as the United States shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Las Vegas-born, Philly-based musician, known for his exploratory DIY style, released “Cataclysm.” It wouldn’t be his only album of the year. 

Six months later comes “Sh