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  • Michigan Senator Jeremy Moss. Courtesy photo

Former State Rep Candidate Feuding with Gay State Senator Jeremy Moss

Candidate’s own daughter asks her to reconsider her hateful stance

By |2023-03-22T21:08:26-04:00March 22nd, 2023|Michigan, News|

The Michigan House of Representatives dodged a bullet when Wendy Webster-Jackson got trounced — she won a mere 20 percent of the vote — in her November bid to rep the state’s 18th district. Webster-Jackson, a pro-life, anti-queer Republican, is now engaged in a Twitter war of words with State Senate President Pro Tem Jeremy Moss. Moss, who is gay, alleges Webster-Jackson called him a groomer, and she wasn’t talking about the kind who work on Shih Tzus and Cockapoos. 

“Senator @JeremyAllenMoss my daughter said she couldn’t understand why we had a fight today,” Webster-Jackson said in one extremely revealing tweet. “She said he wants rights for everyone.  Everyone should be respected for being a human.  However, there is an anti-God agenda behind everything you all are doing.  Jesus is the hill I die on.”

But Webster-Jackson isn’t standing on Golgotha. Instead, she is high upon a hill of hate and, as our president would say, a mound of malarkey. Discriminating against the least of these is what’s ungodly. Does she even know, really know, any gay folk? Has she met Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow of Metropolitan Community Church – Detroit or any of the thousands of Metro Detroiters who identify as Christian — or for that matter, Jewish, Buddhist or other? The point is, it’s indecent to attack that which you do not understand. And it’s abundantly clear that she doesn’t understand.

Emboldened in bigotry, Webster-Jackson went so far as to say the LGBTQ+ community in Michigan “love to castrate boys and remove girls healthy breasts.”

Not only is she a kook, but she’s a sore loser as well. In another tweet she took on the man who won the seat she sought. 

“My opponent Jason [Hoskins] got elected because he brags about how much cock he gets,” she said in yet another distasteful tweet. “True statement. He was bragging about being openly gay, so he won and was a Democrat.”

But Moss was having none of it.

“You say horrible, untrue things about Jason while bragging about your own sex life,” he responded to her tweet. “This is why I have no respect for you: You obsessively cast stones.”

Moss went on to mention Wicker-Jackson’s apparently disgruntled daughter. And that, friends, was checkmate. 

“We fought because as I want rights for everyone, you call me an anti-God,” he said. “Your daughter is right, I can’t understand you either.”


About the Author:

Jason A. Michael is senior staff writer for Between The Lines and the Pride Source Media Group. He has been writing for the paper since 1999. Jason is also an Essence bestselling author. He may be reached at [email protected].
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