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Fred Upton Supporters Launch Homophobic Campaign Against Gay Congressional Candidate Jon Hoadley

By |2020-10-01T14:04:45-04:00October 1st, 2020|Election, Opinions, Viewpoints|
Fred Upton supporters have launched a homophobic $500,000 TV campaign against gay U.S. Congressional candidate Jon Hoadley that uses antiquated and false tropes about the LGBTQ community. Hoadley is a Victory Fund-endorsed, three-term Michigan State Representative who has fought for pro-equality causes who, if elected, would become the first openly gay Congressman in Michigan.
I called the Upton campaign and registered my strong disgust with these tactics. The person who answered tried the, “It’s not us, it’s a separate committee and we can’t do anything” excuse, to which I said, “Of course you can! You can object to them disgracing Upton’s name and they’ll stop.”
I suggest everyone call the campaign to demand that they stop using these homophobic tactics. The campaign number is 269-983-1144.
Here is one of the revolting ads:

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