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Gay DIA security man found murdered

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by Jessica Carreras

On Feb. 3, William Boss, a retired head of security at the Detroit Institute of Arts, was allegedly murdered. He was 61 years old.
The openly gay Detroit resident was stabbed 27 times in his car and the suspected killer has been arrested.
Though some details of the murder are still yet to be confirmed, it was known that Boss met the suspect at the R & R Saloon in Detroit, a popular gay bar. After leaving with him, Boss was not seen again until his body was found in his car in Detroit.
It is unclear at this time as to whether or not the murder will be classified as a hate crime.
Boss was a longtime Detroit resident, and had just recently retired from his security position at the DIA. He attended church services at the Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit for some time, but had not been attending recently.
“Bill was a big guy. A nice guy,” commented Detroit resident Charles Alexander, who knew Boss. “I’d see him frequently around the DIA making his rounds and we’d chat.
“He attended MCC-Detroit a year or two ago after the death of his partner of 20 years,” Alexander continued. “I remember Bill lighting a votive candle each Sunday, crossing himself, and saying a prayer silently. Bill took it very hard. He stopped attending services several months ago. That was the last I saw of him following his retirement last year. What a horrible, horrible ending to his life.”
The Metropolitan Community Church has been contacted about holding a service, but has not yet made plans to do so. Police have been unable to contact Boss’s next of kin, and his body remains unreleased. MCC Pastor Mark Bidwell has assured friends of the deceased that a service will be held once he receives word and funding from the next of kin. “(We) will be happy to do a reading once we know when,” Bidwell said. “It is supposed to happen at the church.”
Anyone with any information regarding the death of William Boss, or the location of his next of kin, is urged to contact Melissa Pope, director of victim services at the Triangle Foundation. She can be reached at 313-537-7000 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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