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Gay Things that Straight Athletes Do

By | 2019-03-13T14:47:33-04:00 March 13th, 2019|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 “Alone ___ Drive-in Movie” (“Grease”)
4 Canning tomatoes
9 Visit Barneys, e.g.
13 Ballet supporters?
15 Pass, as a law
16 Site of desirable stones
17 Prot. denomination
18 ___ music (do Britten’s job)
19 Book after Joel
20 One who doubts there’s a Divine Miss M?
22 Julia’s pal in “My Best Friend’s Wedding”
24 Shoulder warmers
25 Rubs the right way
27 Doesn’t dine at the Rubicon, e.g.
29 Say “Bottoms up!”
33 Begin to wake up
36 Holds title to
37 When actors should come
38 Navel fetish accessory?
39 Knights’ attendants
41 Pronoun for King James
42 Shaft in a straight simile
44 “Honky ___ Woman”
45 Pianist Dame Myra
46 Consider carefully
47 Matter
49 George Cukor’s “Dinner at ___ ”
51 Out in the open
55 Street in San Francisco
58 LGBT History Month, in the UK
60 Nevada neighbor
61 Drag queen Mann
63 Some Feds
64 Brought forth fruit
65 Kind of dish
66 Keep an eye on
67 Hit boxers
68 Stand next to Eakins
69 “Vox populi, vox ___”

1 Son of Uranus
2 Hard to swallow, perhaps
3 Allstate rival
4 Where drivers get off
5 “That’s ___ haven’t heard”
6 Before the game they put on…
7 ___ UP
8 Seattle’s WNBA team
9 During the game they exchange…
10 Chauffeur’s order
11 Lysol target
12 Pain in the derriere
14 After the game they…
21 P. Hearst’s kidnappers
23 Engaged in
26 Still waiting to go out
28 Cloth sample
30 BenGay target
31 Takes to court
32 Patty Sheehan’s supporters
33 Side dish with fish
34 Rubber on a rim
35 Letters over Mary’s son
40 Abscond after posting a surety
43 Spin like a top
48 Contemptible one
50 Pop one’s cork
52 Unable to walk like a man
53 Cara of “Fame”
54 “She Bop” singer Lauper
55 Young bears
56 Lying on
57 Gilbert of “The Talk”
59 Verb of Verlaine
62 R. Mapplethorpe supporter


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