Gays march in Havana

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by Rex Wockner


For the first time, LGBT people marched in Havana June 28 without government approval or affiliation with any governmental agency.
Previous gay marches have been staged through CENESEX, the National Center for Sex Education, which is run by President Raul Castro’s daughter Mariela.
The march, down Paseo del Prado, was organized by an independent group called LGBT Observatory of Cuba.
Hungarian LGBT group launches discrimination-reporting tool
Hungary’s Hatter Support Society for LGBT People has launched an online discrimination-reporting system.
Victims and witnesses of discrimination, harassment, violence and other injustices based on sexual orientation or gender identity can fill out electronic forms to report an incident and request legal aid.
A recent survey found that 44 percent of LGBT Hungarians have experienced anti-gay discrimination and that most did not report it to authorities.
Hatter hopes the project will “promote the reporting and documentation of incidents as well as provide easy access to competent and free legal aid.”
The campaign is being financed in part by the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

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