Gays who alien abduct

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Parting Glances

Carl Jung, a colleague of Sigmund Freud in the creation of psychoanalysis – that costly, seemingly unending, mental probing of troubled couch potato egos – broke with Freud over Freud’s hangup on libido, the sexual energy underlying humankind’s mental quirks.
Psychological troubles all stem from being randy, embarrassed, frustrated said Freud. (Who also said with insight, “Sometimes a cigar’s just a cigar.” He died of cancer of the jaw.)
Jung, who lived ’til 1961 (Freud, 1939), said the urge toward spirituality was the more powerful driving psychological dynamic. Failure to seek out the transcendental creates neurotic behavior.
(Advice: After Saturday Night’s money spent on lap dancers, it’s probably in your best interest to go to church. A generous offering, prayerfully given for the previous carnal enjoyment, helps. And, while you’re at it, leave the phallic symbols alone.)
Jung also said UFOs – appearing in America from the late 1940s – were archetypes, along with angels, visions of the BVM, sightings of assorted bilocating saints (being visible in, say, Rome and Rochester Heights, Mich. at the same time). All wishful thinking …
Like Jesus returning to take his simple-minded flock homeward in what’s called among fundygelicals, “the Rapture.” Eternal orgasm without sex, coupled with non-stop hymn singing, speaking in unknown tongues, rubbing tight, matching halos with Pat Robertson.
Do UFOs exist? It depends upon the authority researched.Two new books provide challenging data: “Area 51” (Annie Jacobsen; Little, Brown and Company), and “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On Record” (Leslie Kean, Three Rivers Press).
Jacobsen’s 500-pager (full title: “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base”) gives a unique take on America’s most famous UFO crash landing. Roswell, NM. 1947. Even after 60 years this controversial happening still grabs headlines.
The so-called aliens found in the Roswell saucer, says Jacobsen, were actually small, dead Down’s Syndrome children, surgically transformed into ETs with big-brain heads, lidless eyes, shrunken mouths, altered body parts. Surgery was performed by the notorious Dr. Joseph Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” responsible for ghastly experiments at Auchwitz Concentration Camp. (He drowned in 1979 while swimming offshore, Brazil.)
Mengele, captured by the Russians at the end of World War ll, was offered freedom by Communist dictator Joseph Stalin for this facial/body ET reconstruction operations. Its purpose: a masterly psychological ploy used to counter United States spying on Russia by weather balloon surveillance and photography.
Author Kean’s book “UFOs” says there’s something out there. As yet we haven’t determined what. Or where “they” come from. She cites years of regular UFO sightings in Belgium, seen by thousands of witnesses, photographed, video taped.
“UFOs” includes a 16-page illustrated analysis from Major General Wilfried De Brouwer (Ret.) Belgium Air Force, detailing the ‘UFO Wave.’ He advocates full investigation of the phenomenon by scientists. It’s real, and he should know.
(Several weeks ago I reported on a sighting by my good friend, S. Kay Young, well-known Detroit photographer, Focus Hope teacher/volunteer. She, with two friends, driving late at night, witnessed a low-flying, triangular shaped, silent object hovering motionless above them. It zipped off in nothing flat! They were stunned.)
One closing ET item. There have been alien abduction reports from gay teenagers being themselves abducted, several incidents occurring while attending church (mostly among Southern Baptists). Abductee stories like the following from Abel Stonewell, Jr., 17, are oddly typical.
“I was beamed up at a tent revival. Whoosh! During altar call. I don’t remember much, ‘cept this creature with scary eyes, high-pitched voice, snipping me with sharp, shiny scissors. Don’t hide it, errant earthling, he throbbed telepatically. Once the reparative surgery’s over, you’ll go straight orbit. Believe us, space cadet. Or we’ll detonate your no-return rocket fuse.”

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